My Upcoming E-Book: Might and Power


Erik says his e-book will be available for free.

I guess popularizing that kind of views, self-expression, self-improvement and having your views collected in one place and available for others to read IS the point. Pretty sure Erik mentioned something like that in this thread already, so you would have been better off reading the thread to check whether it already contains the answer to your question.

You’re almost saying that everybody who doesn’t write as the greatest intellectuals of all times should just stick to writing shitty pop literature because they aren’t good for anything else, and that one shouldn’t strive to become anything more, even if within their limits. What is the point of that? Why discourage people in such a way?

So you have no mind of your own, your behavior towards others is always directed by their behavior towards you and not your own ideals, in other words you are completely dominated by them? You’re like a reflective surface with no substance of your own?

It’s almost like you’re saying that if somebody told you nice lies, you wouldn’t expose them for being liars but you’d tell them nice lies back.

I don’t really mind your opinion on Erik’s writing as much as the fact that you think he shouldn’t be writing at all.

This is worth mentioning.

Since I subscribe to this philosophy, why don’t I just join or form a gang?
Gangs are remnants of tribalistic warrior cultures. Why not just join one?

I’ve considered this. I probably would, if I wasn’t such a lone wolf.
I don’t do well with others. Not asocial, just prefer to be on my own.

But it’s very true that gangs are reflections of the ancient past, of warrior tribes.
Not entirely the same, but for the most part, they are; the tattoos are like scarification/war paint.

So, why, in the hell, am I even bothering to write about this lifestyle on some philosophy forum,
when I could be living it out?

Like I said, I work alone.
Becoming a gangster is not the only way.
I have different plans, working behind the scenes.

I certainly train my body and mind for combat.
But my path is different from the average thug.

My goals are more far-reaching.

Gangs are also lacking the self-discipline I’m interested in.
There really isn’t any sort of self-mastery in gangs; just a bunch of bandits
working together, a lot of the time, back-stabbing each other. No honor among thieves.

But a gang is definitely an outlet for someone looking to distance themself from the state.
Gangs are so appealing to young men, because in them they see the freedom, power, and might
they want to embody, qualities that are not really allowed in the current culture, except in
very few avenues, such as MMA/Boxing.

Gangs allow men the chance to exercise their power, not just any power,
but something reminiscent of the primordial past.



Hmm, so Erik’s goal is to send humanity back into it’s primordial roots. This town needs a better class of criminal.

My gang would be the Love gang, we would dress up in black trenchoats and funny hats, with red armbands with a white circle in the middle, in the middle would be a black heart. Also, we would form it into a religion, requiring each Sunday as the sabbath day to hear lectures and strengthen our bonds. Instead of baptism, we would be branding heart symbols onto our chest, like this, to signify how Love is toxic and damaging to our bodies, and yet, our natures are bound to it. Like this

We could also have tshirts, like this, for new initiates before they are “baptized”, similar to how christians where t-shirts of the cross.

This could be the new world majority religion, with it, we could overtake the jews once and for all.

Some say Hitler was a bad guy, and perhaps he was. He alone gave Jews the space to victimize, he alone granted power to the americas. Perhaps his methods were ignoble as well, starvation and sending people into ovens, is something a jew would do. Hitler damaged the nobility of our cause, yet he is paraded around as our savior, and not, as our betrayer. Even his vegetarian lifestyle cannot save him from the great misdeed he has done to us all!

You need not make me your Fuhrer, you need only fulfill my dream, my dream is to see every single last Jew castrated, that alone is enough to satisfy me! There will be hedgecutters upon hedgecutters, no Jew shall be immune.


Not quite.

I’m against the aesthetics of this age.
If I can create a ripple, even if minor, I will.

But a major victory is already accomplished by my refusal to conform to modernity.

What do you dislike about the aesthetics of this age?

The picture you posted of tattooed bodies, is poor aesthetics. Back in the day, criminals had class. The old joker had a fancy suit, and now this new joker is naked and has random tattoos all over his body!
How did we go from this, to this?

That is absolutely right and shows - unfortunately - that the development is neither progress nor regress, because it is both. And it is just the civilization that shows the way back to nature, because civilization itself is often more barbaric than the barbarity itself. Therefore we have to distinguish between a wild barbarity and a civilized barbarianism. The civilzation has to be more barbaric because it has to find the way back to nature as its next goal.

Are you going to get a face tattoo, or dress as a Conquistador when your at Taco Bell? Or get a small island in Mexico, and litter it with handing, tortured images of dolls?

How will changing your sense of style make you any different from the gay guys who run the Castro district in San Francisco, who write the men fashion columns for GQ, wanting guys to start using five different kinds of shampoo, each for a different hair type, and always dress like Hugo Boss Basis, hanging out with other stylish men in Hugh groups, sometimes with a token woman thrown in?

What do you really hope to achieve with a emphasis on looks, that isn’t a fucking ludicrose joke, a philosophy for posers and pretenders?

Is it really more primitive, or a modernist allusion to primitiveness and masculinity in a effort to stand apart and superficially appear less shallow? Is it a philosophy no deeper than eye candy, a Andy Worhol eye fucking for the easily impressed?

Cant you just be a artist and stop pretending to philosophy?

(P.S. be careful with what to try to get peirce, some parts of the make anatomy are less accepting than others, and don’t heal as easily).

On the plus side, you can become a civil war reinactor.


Well, yeah - that’s the plan, actually. There is actually an entire chapter in my e-book dedicated to the meta-physics of facial tattoos
and the spiritual power of the Taco Bell franchises.

This is a great question. I think everyone here should ruminate on this one.


I’m at a loss of words at the moment, but will promptly respond back to this one, once the profundity of it ceases to have an effect on me.

I think you are gravely overlooking the significance of the swagger, contra. Dropping your pants below your ass, puffing up your chest, having a mean
look on your face, and saying “n-gga, n-gga!” before and after every utterance, is empowering. It’s something I advocate in my ebook as well.

It’s not primitive at all. Very modern, actually.

No idea how it could possibly be construed as primitive, in any shape or form.

Let us all get facial tattoos and look like the joker.

I just found that, meant for the Kylo Ren stuff above. Think it was this thread.

Best of luck with your “The Metaphysical Mysteries of Taco Bell” book.

May the farce be with you :wink:

You don’t remember coming down the birth canal, do you, Trixie? :laughing:

Magnus Anderson

Sometimes the empathetic brute does more good in the moment than the moral person. Some so-called moral people have no empathy. Having the ability to put one’s self in another’s shoes, under another’s skin, and respond in kind, can be more effective. It’s the moral person, based on the individual, who idealizes goodness but takes it no further. We don’t often follow through with our ideals but with what serves US in the moment.

I might take an empathetic brute over a moral person.

A human being cannot “get rid of fear”. All one can do is rise above it at times or plow right through it. To get rid of fear I think is also to get rid of the instinct to survive. How we react to fear is what’s important. Fear tells us when there is a threat.

Even the bravest warrior fights with fear. It might be what keeps him alive.

This is true, Arc.

Even warriors fight with fear. I think the best warriors are the one’s who fight with the most fear; fear causes rage. Rage is empowering.

Mike Tyson, when asked if he feels fear when entering the ring, stated: " The reason I win is because I am the one is more afraid".

Fear, if managed and converted to rage, is of great service.

Depends on if it is good fear or sick fear. Good fear is like the fear you get when you are running around a compound shooting lasers, fun fear. Sick fear, or dread, is what you get when you have to go on a date or take the highschool finals. Dread of combat is called cowardice.

Intense fear, distress, or anguish lead to rage.

Less intense fear = anxiety and doesn’t lead to rage.