Name Change Request

I can guarantee you that you do not know how I feel, Turd Furguson (Troll Fakerson).

I was talking about facts. You are talking about your envy, resentment, revenge, your stupid hate.

We all know that you are a Germanhater. You are full of envy, resentment, revenge, … and so on. I do not care. No other one is such a stupid racist like you (except your alter ego).

You think that you are representing the nation that started the most wars ever. Okay. But really you, the faker? Representing? Only because of the fact that you are an “owner” of the US citizenship? :laughing:

The next time you will „tell“ me/us the lie that you are “a German”. You, the Germanhater, are talking about Germans like Hitler, the Jewshater, did about Jews or Robespierre and his buddies as well as Lenin, Stalin, and their buddies about all “bourgeois” humans. You must be very, very frustrated. I am sorry for you, boy.

Go to Iraq again. By the way: Tell me - one more time - how many people you have killed there.