Name Change Request

From now on Arminus, whenever you troll, I’m setting up a parallel thread to whatever mundane topic your babbling on about (notice I never even clicked your thread, it is still unread as you never say anything insightful or of remote value).

My threads are going to be so much better, they will work bigly, in a grand philosophical scope, they will be thought provoking, and when measured alongside one another, I’m going to look so big, and everyone will say you look so small when we compare our length of topic and girth of intellect alongside each other. My posts are going to be so amazing, everyone is going to love them, but they won’t love you, because your a just a nasty, mean poster. I get philosophers, I am philosophy, I’ve been making philosophy all my life. It is what I do, and I’m going to make it so much better than you, everyone is going to love it.

Vote Turd Ferguson for President.