Name Change Request

You are lying again.

I am not a nationalist. But you are a nationalist, even more: You are a racist.

And Cezar (“Historyboy”) is not my “follower” - if he was, then you would also be my follower, because you have very much in common with him. You are just not able to admit this. Your former username “Contra-Nietzsche” does also stand for the fact that you are a faker. Allegedly you are a Christian. But that is also a fake, at least a fake of about 80%. You are a palaeoconservative nationalist and racist. If you substract Nietzsche’s agitation against Christians, then it should become obvious to you that you are a Nietzschean, although a Nietzschean-who-hates-Nietzscheans. As everyone can verify: I directed all my earliest ILP posts against Cezar’s nonsense and kept doing this till he left.

I had not much to do with Zinnat, some posts here, some posts there. Your ad hominems caused his leaving. And you got a warning for your racist ad hominems. You are obviously looking for your next warning.

And you did post in my threads. Everyone can verify that. I have posted in mereley a few of your threads. Most of your threads are boring - only fakes, lies, ad hominems, provocations, and yellow press “stories” (and almost always too long - how boring!), and that is what you call “history” and “philosophy”. It is so boring. I have never started to talk to you here on ILP. You are always the one who starts to talk to me. Obviously for several reasons, but the main reasons have always been ad hominems and the fact that you are a racist.

You may use as much excuses as you want. You will never be able to change the facts.

The problem you had with Zinnat, for example, was not that he had done something wrong or evil. It was just the other way around. You are the one who has done almost everything wrong and evil, especially by using ad hominems against Zinnat and many others (including me). In addition: You used Zinnat’s avatar and many insulting words against him - the conesequence was that you got a warning for that. You obviously think that you are the sheriff of ILP - but you are not. It is only your megalomania that makes you think this.