Nashville, TN

I have to go to a symposium in Nashville this week. Keeping in mind that I hate country music, what should I do while I’m there? We’re staying at the Gaylord [snicker] Opryland Resort.

Hmmm…it’s five miles away but I’ll see if I can finagle my way over there.

I think I saw BlurredSavant here at the hotel. Or her doppelgänger at least.

BORING! There’s gotta be someone on this forum in Nashville with a blinkin’ car.

What’s my doppleganger up to these days?

Working at the front desk. I kind of want to take her picture and post it up here. I’ll ask her if I see her again.

Well, hooray for outrageously gorgeous hotel receptionist.

:laughing: :laughing:

She was like five foot nothin’, though. Does that sound like you?

Oh no, not even close. I’m considerably closer to 5’9"