Nasty Islamists do something nice for a change... … 267928.stm

Yeah, I was surprised at that. I was pretty certain Johnston was loooong dead.

Happy surprises are always nice.

I’d already printed my ‘I remember where I was when Alan Johnston was killed’ t-shirt. I’m still not convinced he’s actually been released…

To the best of my knowledge, he is still in the custody of Hamas, but that is likely still a lot closer to being back at home than many people predicted.

I’m glad to see that it looks like he will make it through this, though. He is someone who generally cared about the area, and did a lot to try and bring attention to the various needs of the region. The whole affair has a kind of “bite the hand that feeds” angle.

One of the last articles written by journalist Christopher Bollyn… before disappearing, with wife and kids (in the Chicago strip - not Gaza).

Bravo for the release - remember the picture of him in the suicide vest?

A nice article regarding the U.K.: Do not worry, it is positive: … htm?page=1

In such heavy matters, a little (British) humor goes a long way.



OK, i’m outta here.


I don’t trust tinyurls.

I remember the picture of him in something that may or may not have been a suicide vest. Let’s be honest - all we could see was some sort of padded clothing in the shape of a tanktop.

Positive? Whatever gave you that idea?

What it is, beyond interpretation, is inaccurate.

Full freedom would mean not being arrested for being a Muslim and not having your places of worship being infiltrated by intelligence agents and journalists with hidden cameras.

Last year the government passed an act enabling the police to close places deemed ‘centres of extremism’. And we’ve jailed Abu Hamza and chucked Omar Bakri out of the country.

This is simply untrue.

The OfCom figures show that this isn’t true. And they, you know, are responsible for complaints about media bias and making recommendations to the industry and passing legislation governing the industry etc. etc.

Art exhibitions get cancelled for all sorts of reasons.

See above. Hamza is in prison.

That’s largely because of an outdated and illogical intelligence service tactic called the ‘covenant of security’. Clearly the author of this article hasn’t a clue what is going on here or why.

This is simply untrue.

There is currently no evidence for this. It’s a popular assumption in the media, the government, the police, the intelligence services and a large proportion of the public. That doesn’t make it true. If anything, that should make it subject to greater scepticism.

They’re both fine, and pretty funny too.

When the threat comes from Muslim madrassas, this is practical. However, you seem to have missed the point. In many Middle-Eastern countries, if a person is of the wrong faith they cannot build a church, mosque or synagogue.

Many of these “places of worship” are used as recruiting ground to destroy you and your Western laws. Have you read the rubbish some of the imams spew? Are you really this blind?

If any place of worship was used toward violent ends, calling for the destruction of nonbelievers, these places should be torched.

Ah, a true capitalist–LOL

Again, you are dancing.

But he was granted a visa. Fact.

Read his bio.

Fact, they have spokesholes on cable in the USA as well.

Hilarious, they were Muslims and you know it. No evidence. How silly.

What, you have the hots for a Muslim ???

Do you not find it odd that Islamists would kidnap the only British journalist who consistently defends Palestinians?

They do all the time. The show trial and hanging of Saddam was no less a piece of propaganda…

Are you implying that I manifest a ‘continual bilge against the West’?

It is vaguely positive about those things but in a totally inaccurate and disingenous way…

It is never practical to arrest innocent people. That can ONLY make the situation worse.

And it sure as hell isn’t ‘full freedom’, as the article claims. My point stands.

So it would be more accurate to say that British Muslims have ‘greater freedom’ to practise their religion, rather than that they have ‘full freedom’ to do so. I missed no point, my own point stands.

My western laws? I thought they were ‘our’ western laws, since we’re both part of the west? Stop trying to make this personal.

Are you really so incapable of arguing that you have to turn any dispute into a personal battle and try to insult people?

Maybe so, but that means that the article’s claim is untrue. My point stands.

To summarise:
Aspacia posts an article full of bias and factual inaccuracies
SIATD points out one of these inaccuracies, making reference to the government-funded body who are responsible for media censorship in the UK
Aspacia tries to insult SIATD by calling him a ‘true capitalist’, even though this is irrelevant and against the rules of the forum

So that’s another bunch of ad homs and strawmen and this time we’ve a couple of tangential red herrings thrown in. And you supposedly teach argument method…

The threat was made to him - and a threat to all journalists. This was a nasty bit of propaganda.

Another Mossaud conspiracy? - what a hoot. We are not talking about rational people. Have you seen the indoctrination Micky cartoon, how about Don al Duck:

This site presents both sides of the issue.

Our media did not show the hanging, but it was on UTube. Many cheered as the Butcher was hung.

No implication- a direct claim. I do not dance and side-step as you do.

The author is an Iranian Muslim and continuall argues for moderation and how Islam has been hijacked. We need more Muslims like him speaking out against radicalism. You see, I read all sides of the issues.

Fatwas were issued, attempted attacks by Muslims were prevented. What is so difficult to understand.

Shh, it’s the fuckin news! :sunglasses:

OMG, is this real?

As real as this:

I a have very similar claims in Arab, French and UK media. It is propaganda, with zero support. Where is the valid. documentation? This is bs, and the typical blame and victim game.

MEMRI and the following site are insightful:

Yes, the NANNY STATE strikes. This mind-set of the Democratic Party is one of the reasons I left it.

If you look deep down inside, do you really think powers that be would go out of their way to try to frame a journalist to have him sentenced then abduct or eliminate him, his wife and his children?

Now that journalist is the one who put the most efforts into solving the 911 crime. In his words, it all leads to zionist involvement. He may not be around anymore, his writings are.