Natalie Anne Kimmell

Dear forum:

I am not fond of intellect worshippers, so, I never came back to your forum. However, I must come back now, in humility, and ask for your help.
My daughter, known to you as Natalie and SilentSoliliquy, has run away with Brian Lewis. This is no laughing matter. She is 16, mixed up, confused, and upset over her acne problems, as she has been for the last 2 years. She has an excuse.
Brian is, so he claims, 32 years old, although my research puts him at 44, older than me, her mother. This so-called “man” has no excuse.
I’m not here to defend myself, I could give two shits what you people think of me, considering you don’t know me. However, Nat has never been abused, neglected, or any such thing. She is a typical rebellious teen, and I only wish I had put her in Juvie last month, the first time she ran, to give her a reality check.
I am running night and day on line and phone to find her. My phone numbers are home: 813-935-3967 cell 813-504-4186…my e-mail is
Please, if any of you know anything at all, please contact me. I want my baby back. Her absence is devastating the whole family, including her little brothers and sister.
…Please, please…we want our baby back…if you must…contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on-line anonymously…thank you…

Sharon Beverly, Nat’s mom


I’m so sorry. This is why parents should monitor children on the internet. The sexual predators are every where.

Good luck to you and your family. Love her when she comes home, she is gonna need it.

Thank you for your replies. So you know, we have been monitoring her on-line activity with key loggers. She has been very careful not to contact Brian directly on line since the FBI seized her PC in June. She has, however, been accepting collect phone calls from this asshole while I’ve been pre-occupied with store runs, lawn mowing, or sleeping…to the tune of $584 this month. Nice guy this Brian is…he now has my daughter living out of his van with him…from what I’ve been able to find out, that’s all he’s got…a fucking van…no fairy tale here folks…I’m a pissed off mom, and distraught…where is my baby? Somebody knows…

Nat… where di they meet. I am asking because if you post pics of her there and get them everywhere…to her friends. She will come home…
I cant blame you for being angry, I would be as well.

Is this he type of forum she hung out in? People dont remember names too well unless it is he screen name. Did she post her pic anywhere? I know your angry and I know your scared. Remember that he has been filling her head up with lies. She isnt sure right now who she is suppose to trust and can trust.

Please keep us informed, my thoughts are with you that your family may be reunited safely and swiftly.

Someone knows where she is…talk to her friends. even if only internet friends.

Raven, for a brief introduction to this wacky and dramatic scenario follow the link below.

Thanks for your reply. They met on line. At this forum. Foolish woman I am, I encouraged her to explore the world, not knowing the world was devouring her.

Her profile and pics should be up at National Center for Missing and Exploited children real soon. Flyers will also be available in Florida and NC.

Thanks so much,
Sharon Beverly, Nat’s Mom


When I got to this post I laughed out loud. In the context of June 25th when you wrote it- I can certainly see why you thought it was so hilarious. But I wonder… Do you still feel the same now?

Yes I do.

On another note…
Natesse, Detrop at one point said that he looked to you to try and see how she would look as she aged. Given that he decided to stay with her, I have to ask two questions…

  1. Do you have a picture?
  2. How you dooooooin?


And once again I laughed out loud! It makes me happy to see that you are sticking to your humor guns on this one.

I’m sorry I dont see the humor. This is child abuse. If he were 17 and her 15 I say well kids. But he is over 30 or 40. If he is so in love with her he would have waited till she was of age.

This is not the internet or school…that is real life. And how do you know she is going willingly? How do you know he wont hurt her?

If you have never had a child I would still expect more compassion for at least the child; even if you dont like the parent.

And unfortunately per laws, that if the moderator was notified and didn’t do anything he could be in a legal situation. I am not sure since it is not in the same country.

However I can assure you that if this is all true then the FBI will be watching this site and anyone who has …how do we say…been less then cooperative. Is that fair? Probably not, but too many children are being abused and kidnapped. And it sucks…but life is not fair.

Look at SS’s post history or if you wanna get a better idea…

Raven, if you had been here for more than 3 days and had seen the situation unfold, then you might actually have found the humor. I’m sorry that you missed it. Also, Detrop is a pretty funny guy. Even when he’s not acting out the will of satan. Think about the fanatical, pill popping overbearing, emotionally unstable housewife who has no husband and feels like she’s got no control over her life. (no one in particular, just the theoreticalstereotypical one). That too is funny in and of itself. I have to wonder, do the detectives no about the fact that the mother is trying to communicate with the suspect? In a court of law, couldn’t some of that be damaging to her credibility? If it were my daughter, I wouldn’t be wasting my time trying to tell a bunch of people how to live or what’s wrong with my life on the internet. I’d be talking to the daughter herself, and trying to establish a relationship which is above internet drama. Sometimes I don’t even think this lady is for real.

You have no idea how it pains me to post here with you assholes. This is my daughter. This is MY LIFE!..My God, how can you be so callous? Natalie is 16, emotionally immature, mixed up, and been distraught over acne for 2 years!..Brian, as he claims, is at least 32…apples and oranges…aint rocket science…you guys should be set out and shot…wait til’ it’s your daughter who’s missing. I HAVE BEEN UP 24/7 FOR 5 DAYS!!..Looking for her…all contacts…anything…ty so much for being such asses…I won’t come back here again to the temple of intellect worship, where children being abducted is ok, according to the intellect…stupid asses. Please, if any of you know ANYTHING…contact me…info again…home 813-935-3967 cell 813-504-4186.e-mail


I know its a lot of fakes on the internet. I don’t understand it but I do. No I wasn’t in the time frame of all this. Right now I am not worried about the drama or what ever happened then. I am more worried about a child.

She is missing…and she is listed at the site the mother gave.

I came on the internet about 7 years ago. I thought everyone was real and who they said they were. I was brought up your as good as your word. I thought everyone else was the same. LOL…boy did I learn a lesson or two.

Some of the best liars and con-artist are on the internet. Some nuts and sickos. What better place to charm a young girl.

I met a lot of wonderful people from the internet and some not so nice ones. Have some friends that we get together at times. But you have to be so very careful. I know I should say knew one woman, they never found…8 years ago.

This is going to be happening more an more, but it is being watched and maybe one day halted.

I don’t know if he was funny or not. I am sure he was and very sincere and charming as well. Do you remember 16 and thinking how terribly old 30 was?

What happens when she wants to come back home? And she will. Is he gonna be charming and let her?

Right now what I see is Sharon is a mother and her child is missing. I as a human being am going to try and help her find her child. Doing what I can. And I ask if anyone here knows…to please tell him to take her home or take her to a bus stop or police station and drop her off.

I am not saying anything about all the other stuff. I want to make sure a child is safe. That is all.

Wow… Well i’m not going to bring about any pyscho babble bullshit, I can understand how good peoples minds can become warped and can delude themself.

Best of luck, I hope you get her back and get her head on straight.

Is this for real? This is just odd.

Unfortunately it is for real. She is listed at the site for missing children.
I also talked to her mom via phone. I wanted to know for sure when I heard her voice. She is heart broken.

I know someone is watching for Brian here. Please ask him to get her to call her mom so she will know she is ok. She might be 16 but she is still her baby.

I read some of Brian’s post. I can tell he is not some evil person. Not a …well what people would usually call a pedifile. I believe he truly cares for Natalie. But she is too young. She hasn’t grown up yet.

Brian please drop her off at a school or police station…somewhere safe or even a church. So she can call her mom or even go home. This isnt the answer. If you really love her… let her go and then another year she will be 18.

if you need to talk to me… PM me here, if it would be the easiest way for you. You have very caring eyes and I can tell you are sensitive and intelligent. For her own good… and her family and even yours. Send her home.

boo hoo

Well it isn’t quite that exactly. Don’t be fooled by the title of the site. There are no real philosophers here. Mostly these are kids, Nat’s age or a bit older, into their 20s maybe. Your pain is real and you are sincere. This is a tough thing for these kids to get their minds around. Compassion and sympathy develop later in some than others, a result of real life experience. Until it does, kids try to react with humor. At this stage it’s all they’ve really got. And maybe they’ve read a philosophy book or two or had a philosophy class.

I wish you and your family the best and you’ll be in my thoughts.