I am not fan of ethnic divisions but what the heck for the sake of triviality what flag, land, country or government you are currently swore an alegiance to? Do you like being in that nationality? What other nationalities would you like to be?

BTW, Filipino, Yup love being one and privately enjoying the stupidity of racism against my country, I would love to be a Greek or Japanese for some reason. … ption.html


Here’s a funny little titbit: the Esperanto word for “nation” is nacio, which is pronounced “natseo”, and the word for “Nazi” is nazio, which is pronounced “nazzeo” although the letter “z” is pronounced “ts” in many European languages, so some people might say it like that!

So if you don’t like ethnic divisions and the like, learn Esperanto - the languages that brings natzios together :laughing:

chef-boyardee has left the building…


Good to meet a Filipino online. I swear allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. I also swear allgiance to the flag of vatican city. Would love to be some philosophical nationality – French or Greek or UAR.

I was born in the USA, Live in the USA but, swear allegience to no nationality. Don’t wish to be any. I am human and that is more than enough of a headache.

All are well thought replies and they are nice bordering cuteness, but another scandal arises does anyone beleive that nationalities must be dissolved?

Please do enlighten me, are we ready to be a citizen of no flag but of humanity itself. Are we really ready to be that all embracing, tolerant but not stupidly tolerant, or at least mildly enlightened? Or are we playing too much Starcraft, haha.

In all but one way borders should be eliminated. For health reasons. Everyone needs to declare where they come from for disease control.

What do you mean by a nationality? I am convinced that people live in a community – they cannot grow up or live without one. Governments rule societies. A nation is a government over a large region. So why do you want to get rid of nationalities?

If you mean getting rid of identity with local cultures, why again would you want to do this with all the beauty of plurality of human cultures in the world? What would you replace them with – Hollywood?

I am a white male American. I’d like to apologize to the rest of the world on behalf of my people. Sorry about the centuries of oppression. My bad.

ROFL =D> We need to turn all of you horrible oppressors into slaves…Um can you do any physical work? I have two worthless ones now. They can’t seem to lift a finger around the house unless I pitch a fit. Yes they do bring in the money but, hey , I am not strong enough to do certain things. Like haul roofing, Build a shed by myself, Repair equipment that needs brute strength, etc…

Are you capable of doing these things without being told? I promise to throw food your way twice aday and throw a good used blanket in the shop for you. We have real nice Ice cold well water for you to drink and bathe in. Sound good?

Joker might go for it. I think he’s been wanting to escape to someplace. Personally, I couldn’t make that deal for less than 3 meals a day.

culture is cool, I think religion is the real divisive factor.

I am part part French, Indian, and Carib Indian - I love the sum of my parts, and wouldn’t want to be any other nationality (or should I say nationalities :laughing: )

I’m St Lucian, btw (part of the Windward islands, in the Caribbean) but I was born and raised in London - my English friends tell me that I am English, but I let them know that I am British, but will never be / don’t want to be English: as what I am is so different from what they are / genes never lie :confused:

…be happy and proud: of the sum of your parts :wink:

I’ve traveled so much that I no longer think like I’m from a certain country. Nationalism is like hearing people from some strange religion talk about it. It’s interesting, but so what.