Nazi Nuke

Historians working in Germany and the US claim to have found a 60-year-old diagram showing a Nazi nuclear bomb.

yeah, they were working on it… but they killed or chased away all of the scientists who could make it work…


That is the self-defeating stupidity of Hitler!

Let’s kill smart people that probably don’t care about religion anyway!

Just the idea, it could have created so much chaos!!!

I think more chaos would state the case better!

There’s probable evidence that suggests that Hitler had people working on a flying craft that resembled flying saucers. Of course what happened was when the Russians and American troops swipped the goods from Berlin, this technology was put to further study and development. The Nazis were on their way to making flying saucer tech, and the Soviet and Americans got their hands on it, just like the atomic bomb and rocket jet propulsion.

Now it all makes sense doesn’t it? In the 1950s we start getting reports of flying saucers …pretty good timing don’t you think? Flying saucer technology exists in the secret weapons and craft cabinet of our world military powers… just like the Blackbird, this too will eventually come out in the open, but only when the world governments have found a better way to spy on each other.


thats even crazier!!!