Nazi theories

If our ancestors haven’t been selective in their breeding we could still be apes or worse.

Our ancestors millions of years ago stopped breeding with inferior beings to preserve the strength of our blood that made us who we are today. I’m certain millions of years back, we were very similar to the apes but slightly different, by not breeding with the apes we have become an entirely new species.

If we apply that theory to the races, after millions more years of isolated breeding would the races of today become different species?

Man’s ancestor’s bred according to natural selection. That is, the fittest, most dominant male, would attract the mates of his chosing, and would breed more, while weaker males would settle for less desirable females and would have less opportunity to breed, being found desirable by fewer females. While the type of attributes that gave a male an advantage in attracting female has changed somewhat, most of them have remained the same: physical attraction, prowess at food and other resource procurement, ability to fend off other males. With civil society, some things changed. Raw physical prowess was not always translatable into social dominace, social skills enterred into mate attraction, but overall females were attracted to the “dominant male” of the day.

None of this supports Nazi theory. Nazism has happened to flourish when a defeated people after a period of low national spirit is ignited by a charismatic leader to believe their defeat was due to a mistake of mistake of history and that they in fact are a master race waiting to be led to their rightful place among the world’s peoples. The state is given an exhaulted place, and people deemed to be of “impure blood” are , in the case of Germany, targetted for extermination. But this is a different phenomenon from the survival of the fittest. It might turn out that many of the survivors are less fit and the victims are more fit. In fact, tests have shown that Jews of western European descent have the world’s highest IQs, so many victims of the holocaust were more fit than the inflictors.

Yes. Humans will eventually be very much the same genetically. There are no more isolated peoples in todays world, and the future won’t be any different.

Just try to participate in selective breeding.

In fact, tests have shown that Jews of western European descent have the world’s highest IQs, so many victims of the holocaust were more fit than the inflictors.

A nazi theorist would simply reply that the Aryan intelligence evolved because of a desire for creation, while the Jew intelligence evolved and moreso than the Aryan for the ends of being a parasite to Aryan society.

Or point out that IQ tests mean nothing.

Or that natural selection is obviously not the only mechanism at play in evolution.

I usedto believe in those “tests”, until I learned that the Jews control nearly all world-media, and ofcourse they think they are God’s chosen race, destined to inherit the earth, superior in every way.

The jews were not and are not a seperate race. The nazi’s were killing their same people. The victims and inflictor were homogenoues. Same people with different ideas. The jews were euopean converts and the nazi’s were eupropean nonconverts (they were the same people.)

I don’t think the nazis were the first to employ eugenics, they just made it famous.

-Native Americans.

The surving few don’t seem to make a big deal about it.

‘I WANT REPERATIONS!!!’ hasn’t been heard from them at all.

oh yes it has… but there are so few of us (and it’s American Indians if direct tribal affiliation is not known) remaining, it is hardly audible… you simply have to know where to listen…

besides, reperations would involve the return of all lands and the banishment of all wide eyes back to europe, africa or asia…


Um, to my knowledge the American Indian Nations are recieving money, they own land and they pay zero to little taxes if they have a home in their country.
The Reservations are at least 90% free of federal laws and state laws… They are self policing. They are by no means poor people. On a whole the nations are becoming quite wealthy in their own right. Makes me wish I had more Cherokee in me. Darn snobby cousins won’t give a shake to their poor bastard relative :laughing:

And in response to Murex about no more isolated people in the world, You are wrong. In the Amazon they figure there are at least 60 tribes living deep with in the rain forest. They can only guess because, only a few people have made it out alive after encounters. They are true tribal people with out any civilized influence. If I am not mistaken there are a few deep in the heart of Africa’s jungle too. The Amazon tribes are of the most interest to anthropolgists they just can’t get volunteers to risk their lives in order to study the tribes. There are so many questions about humanity that could be answered if we can get in contact with these people and be accepted. But, right now if the poisonous creatures of the rain forest don’t get you, the natives will. Lovely prospect.

Not the worst idea I’ve ever heard…

What scientiffic community supports “Nazi theory”? I don’t think there’s such thing.

Eugenics is obsolete by the innovation of genetic engineering. If there are idealists that truly believe only the strong should survive, they had better accept that their old ways are too flawed and they are the weakest link. Goodbye. … 8text.html … istory.php

eugenics is hardly nazi theory…

the lack of american history taught in classrooms is pathetic


What does the science of genetics have to do with being a Nazi? Oh sure the Nazis were racist, but no more racist than people in the US. The Ku Klus Klan was extremely popular and so was to killing black people. It was also common to beleive physically and mentally different people, should remain hidden. I have a book written by a doctor in 1933, “Eugenics and Sex Harmony”, explaining modern technology would elemenate all defective human beings. When I read this, I was shocked by how this mentality in the US was exactly like the Nazi consideration of having a superior race.

Instead of elemenating defectives, science has lead to more of them living, and the increased integration of these people into our society. Federal law requires accomedations for people with disabilities, and where I live the city has become rather handicap freindly. I think this brings out the goodness in humanity. I don’t think racism brings out the goodness in humanity, but rather the worst in humanity.

But might makes right, Imp. You cannot just demand the return of your lands etc. Your gods must make it happen. If you don’t want to believe that your gods have failed you, you may even have to posit a “Messiah” who will one day bring justice to your people.

Racialism where one race of people think that it’s only right to breed within their own race. - Relative.

Multiculturalism where is supports the sentiment to interracially breed. - Relative.

Any ideal where either side condemns the other is a moral fabrication that is unfounded and unsubstantiated.

In a sense I support the notion that anything goes upon the will to power.

god remains dead


we are still apes and maybe worse. Lets not flatter ourselves in to thinking we have arrived. Evolution has not finished with us yet.

Eugenics is a sorry excuse for genocide and other human rights violations. It’s used for the justification of killing the institutionalized population. What is exactly, what Nazi Germany used it for.