Necrophilliacs Anonymous

In bed - I like my partner…

  • Fiesty.
  • Passive.
  • Totally unmoving.
  • Dead.
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Ever watched an old black and white movie and thought: Phwoor…! Fancy a bit of that…? If only you’d been born an X amount of years earlier… :cry:

Well now’s your chance to dig up the stiffs you’d like to stiff, and declare a love that dares not speak it’s name…

Always wanted a go on the Blue-Angel for a start.
And Miss Brooks could’ve visited the little pink philosopher downstairs anytime she wished…

Limit of 2 - Make sure he or she is dead. No pensioner-abusing, even by accident. btw - General note: Find a pic if you can, so others can either laugh at your hopeless lack of taste, or drool at your connoisseurship of corpses.

Hey Tab, is this what you normally do at 3:00 in the morning?

My choice would have to be Dorothy Parker.

Well - the graveyards are usually emptiest around this time I find.

Dorothy Parker - can’t say I fancy yours much Concordant:evilfun:

btw - General note: Find a pic if you can, so others can either laugh at your hopeless lack of taste, or drool at your connoisseurship of corpses.

Pictures of dead celebs I’d have sex with if they still had pulses. Tab…I don’t know what to say…you keep things interesting around here. :slight_smile:

Yes, well the picture was going to come later, after I had found one and had enlisted the help of some one to post it. Not quite sure if I’d have figured it out on my own. And as for bad taste, and Dorothy Parker… well you have to apply her wit to the image. Without her wit you’ve got nothing more than a semi attractive doll.

Quick ‘how to’ on posting pics:

  1. Find your pic: I use Google Image search, or just bang the name into - my favourite fountain of knowledge.

  2. There’s your pic, sitting looking at you, so far away from your post. Right click on pic, choose properties. It will display the internet adress/link of the pic. Highlight, right click, copy, close box.

  3. Link it to your post. Choose where it’s going to be, right-click, paste the link/adress. Highlight the link/adress. From the buttons above your text window, hit “Img”. you should have something like this:

the link must have “.jpg” to work.

Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HOST THE PIC AT ANOTHER SITE LIKE IMAGE SHACK - unless the pic is one that only exists on YOUR computer - you can link it straight from whatever page on the net its on.

Easy peasy.

Shyster - hands off Marlene Dietricht - I dug her up first !!!

You lost me after step (2) :frowning:

Argghh !!! Bessy !

okay - go to my header post. put the pointy thing that miraculously moves about the screen when you move the mousey thing with your hand - over the pic of Marlene Dietrich (the left one)

Press the right buttony-thing on the mousey-thing.

On the pop-up menu, choose the option right at the bottom. Properties. Click.

Another pop-up box comes.

about in the middle of the box is a “Adress [url]” bit - with a http:// followed by a lot of type. drag the cursor over it till it all glows blue or whatever, rightclick on the highlighted adress, and COPY IT.

Now close that box (cancel) and return to the post that you are writing.

Paste the adress (rightclick anywhere on your post, and select paste)

Now the adress is on your post.

Highlight the adress again, then click on the Img button - between List= and URL - then hit preview.

Your pic from the internet should now be seen on your page.

if it isn’t there then find another pic and do it again. Some pics don’t work because there adress doesn’t have .jpg on the end.

If you can’t do it now - I’m coming over to your house with a shotgun and I’m going to give your computer both barrels. :evilfun:

Oh Tab, thank you, thank you, thank you. It is mind boggling what the word “thingy” can do for me. Now on Friday nights when I’m alone with my man… hmmmmmm. :sunglasses:

The possiblities of creativity are endless. I am thinking of putting this on in the the “gay” thread to a certain harlot. :evilfun:

And I was having such a responsible ILP month. I do believe that you have created a monster.

(delete, recycle photo , empty the bin) :sunglasses:

That guy looks a bit young for you, but hell, what do I know - I started a thread about screwing dead people… :astonished: