need to become black

They hate white people here in Hawaii. I try to tan, but its not working. How do I make myself look blacker realistically?

Blacker? why not more hawaiian? Plastic surgery.

:character-apu: Spray-on tan

Because tanned white people don’t look white. Wait…
I know you were just working with the assumptions of the OP.

Why do they hate White people in Hawaii?

I don’t know, do what our ancestors have always done, interbreed with the native girls. :sunglasses:

There are no longer any natives, the japs and chinese bum rushed the island a hundred years ago, and now theres all these old chinese women in mcdonalds staring at me with deep hatred. Like, white racist will just usually ignore or belittle a race they dont like… no, here its just chinese people pissed saying we stole their land. Best part is when they wish someone else conquered them. I have to point out the Japanese probably wouldnt of treated them too well… would of slaved them all to death. Especially the chinese ones with relish.

Damn little toadstool haircut old chinese women raging at me. I didnt conquer shit, my ancestors were in Idaho at the time experimenting with crop failure. The Hawaiians only had a state because of the US ship Fair American and the cannon and ammunitions they took to unify hawaii. Prior to that it was a collection of kingdoms… their king devided it was a great idea to cede honolulu bay to america inreturn for aid… they encouraged the business men to invest and set up their own private militia for years. Its their stupid fault. Nobody kidnapped the chinese to
come here. If anything, chinese bred the hawaiians out, out competed them for job, etc. Yet cause they have a similar skin tone, they get to hate the whites. Fuck that, I blame these manchus. None the less, I dont like being treated like Im black, so I gotta become a African American. What makeup did they use in Tropic of Lightening?

Uhh…I don’t follow your logic.


Well, there’s part of your answer, dye your hair black - straighten it if necessary - then get a damn little toadstool haircut. Then learn a few phrases of Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. Things like Good day to you beautiful and It is a great honor to see you today,
will probably smooth over your whiteness.

Stay in the sun for extended periods of time. Consider wearing bronzer-whatevers on your skin to increase natural melanin. You won’t be black, but at least you’l be brownish-kinda.

Haha! I could of told you that they hate white people in Hawaii before you got over there.

I suggest shoe polish or a tan cream. (Maybe you can pass for a Hispanic with tan cream while speaking poor Spanish.)

Change your name to Paco Loco and grow a mustache.

I am surprised the Samoans aren’t mean mugging you over there yet.

I knew a white guy from Big Island. Lived over there fifteen years doing security work.

He told me all about it. He told me that if your one of the few white people that live in Hawaii that the locals hate you all the fucking time.

Hey Contra, are you really homeless in the Hawaiian jungle bush?

I have lived out of desert, mountains, swamp, and forest wildernesses on many occasions being homeless.

I feel for your struggle brother.

Hunted any feral chickens, pigs, and goats yet? I could go for some feral goat presently.

Smoked goat meat in banana leaves would be the way to go.

What are you using to hunt and butcher them with?

Are you snaring? Doing any fishing?

Since it rains there all the time I bet you have no problem collecting rain water.

I bet you have even figured out how to make fire tender with all the wild bamboo in the jungle.

Being homeless in Hawaii is survivable. It is a temperate climate rich in natural resources.

I am currently just slightly above being homeless presently myself. Stay strong and persevere friend.

I can make fire and stuff obviously… two nights ago there was a microburst that took down a few trees around me in the middle of the night. In the morning a pack of 19 chickens bum rushed me on the path in the woods… and we both stopped and stared at one another, but that didnt last long as some started to slowly creep to flank me. I knew this tactic… Hannibal used it on the Romans, so I started to do the monster mash walk… this broke the silence and was able to wedge out and push past them. They began to shadow me like it was the Jungunthine War… so I reversed and charged screaming at the most aggressive ones following me… most fled save for the largest rooster, who tried to act bad ass and walk away allcasually. Shit didnt wotk, and he had to fly off once I was near. Been plotting a rooster genocide for some time with a bebe gun. No goats… but zoo lets peacocks out cause the zoo keepers want wild peacocks. They go all over the Waikiki and mountains then fly back to the zoo… they even have endangered Australian Black Swans… only 2000 left alive, and they just waddle around town. One visits me whenever I read down on waikiki beach. Unfortunately, the lion exhibit is open air… this is most unwise.

Orangutang female flipped me off when I was calling to her. Shit you not. No wild goat.


Microburst? Pack of nineteen wild chickens. Wow.

That would be a great time to have a .22 or at the very least a spear and a couple of heavy rocks. After that it would be chicken fillet over a fire pit.

If you had some heavy rocks striked against them you could get them bloodied up and confused followed by skewered with a spear.

If you had a .22 you could compress the sound which I bet you already know of.

I know that they have wild goat on Kaui but it appears your on a different island.

Roosters are the worse of any pack of chicken with their sharp claws and violent pecking especially the feral. Look at it this way at least your not up against badgers or wolverines in Hawaii. Those are real bastards to mess with.

Peacocks, eh? That is something new to hunt. Wonder if it would taste like wild turkey or pheasant.

What is your crude shelter situation like presently? I imagine heavy rain storms are your worse enemy at the moment along with mud sinking and landslides.

A tarp that has lost its waterproofness. Its keeps 50% of moisture out, rest wicks right in. Rain dripping on face and in ear… and it is smothering. My military poncho is even more useless… only good for camo effect.

That sucks. Have you found any canopy tree to make shelter out of?

You could burough inside of one if it is naturally hollowed out and large enough to.

Ants and other insects would be a problem but you could always smoke them out.

If you had some cording you could get some bamboo and large jungle leaves to make a portable ceiling. It would certainly help lessen the moisture.

Think of it as a large lean in shelter.

Are there any natural caverns around?

Bats might be a problem there especially the vampire variety. You would not have to worry about fruit bats but the foul stench of bat shit in caves might do you in.

There is also the dangerous threat of cave ins and falling into pits you can’t get out of trapped.

I guess you could always take the tarp and try to built a hut with thatch roofing.

Not many trees taller than me unless in parks with tourist. 900000 people live here. Cant leave a trail. Guerilla 100% of the way. I have a cause no less great. My philosophy.

How are you worried about getting caught?