Neo - Rome Is On Fire, Oh-No!

Attention! Attention! The western empire is dying!

If you have not already guessed it due to your own ineptitude or mental incompetence Rome is on fire.

If you have not noticed its because you were not paying attention or actually reading and analyzing the world around yourself that you have taken advantage of for so long.

In fact it is not just on fire as it is more so smoldering and burning.

All you people who have enjoyed so much on the labors of others poverty, suffering, misfortunes, inequalities, and disparities the gig is up.

What you are currently witnessing is the last gladatorial games, orgies, and decadence of a deeply disturbed dying empire.

Enjoy it while you can! All of you doing so are enjoying it all on borrowed time. It will not last and very shortly it won’t exist anymore at all.

In case you have not noticed the proles or general mob is becoming angry plotting and waiting patiently for your demise as you self indulge yourselves distracted on whatever that is left available before the collapse comes wallowing in your own deep seated ignorance entirely oblivious.

Secretly in their hearts they chant for your deaths and executions thinking of enacting their own violent redistribution of wealth upon you. All that unemployed time forced to survive on government minimal handouts eating at the government bread lines has only left them with empty time to talk amongst themselves. It has become too late as they have become smarter where the old antics of fooling or deceiving them doesn’t really work anymore.

It has become too late as they are organizing and communicating amongst themselves where the old trickery of setting them up against each other has become ineffective.

The anarchists like hungry ravenous vultures are preparing to encircle the dying corpse of western civilization and it’s government halls thinking of nothing but feasting themselves silly until they can no longer gorge themselves on it’s entrails any longer.

Soon your own homes will no longer be a safe place to dwell where your mansions and wealthy private lands will either become burned or newly occupied by those who violently claim it as their own.

Can you feel that? That is your time slowly slipping away. Your time is about to run out. Tick - tock, tick- tock, tick - tock,…

Keep dreaming. If Anarchists organizational skills were really good enough to pull off such a thing, then they’d have jobs and not be so discontented with the system…the deplorable and dictatorial SYSTEM…in which the wealthy UNREASONABLY DEMAND…that…to get a job you must fill out an application.

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Only morons are contented with the slave system. The true wolves are only waiting for the true moment of strike.

You’ll starve to death waiting.

Thats what the Romans were saying right before the barbarians were feasting on their entrails. SPQR.

503 years, brother. America has been here less than 250.

Or, were you referring to the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire? Because, that would then be 1480 years.

Officially, America is now bankrupt: financially, economically, politically – and morally. Its criminal aggression towards Iran is just one of many parts of a jigsaw that add up to a clear and grotesque picture of what the United States of America now represents in the 21st Century world.

The numbers and pictures for these constituent parts of this odious jigsaw puzzle are well known. But what has become glaringly clear is just how integrated the official image of the US now is. Bankrupt.
Terminally in debt, mass poverty at record levels, rampant militarism, draconian curbs on civil liberties, government by the rich for the rich, and lately the reactionary, debased cat-fight that passes for political debate among Republican contenders for the Presidency. Cringing is the sight of super wealthy career politicians throwing sand in each other’s eyes to scrabble up the pole for yet further personal accumulation of capital; disturbing is the easy way that psychopathic targeting of imagined enemies whether at home or abroad is worn like a badge of honour. It is a sign of how depraved the American political mind has become when would-be presidents can so openly talk of conducting foreign policy in terms of unquestioned international aggression.

Of course, this kind of political and moral bankruptcy is not just confined to those seeking office. It is the coin of those who are already in office.
In a report in the New York Times Monday we have the startling admissions that, taken together, show that the US government should be certified as criminal (if further proof were needed) [1].
First we have the top US military man confirming that long-averred war plans against Iran are indeed going ahead.

The NYT: “When asked on [CBS’s] Face the Nation about the how difficult it would be to take out Iran’s nuclear ability in a military strike, Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: ‘Well, I would rather not discuss the degree of difficulty and in any way encourage them to read anything into that. But I will say that my responsibility is to encourage the right degree of planning, to understand the risks associated with any kind of military option, in some cases to position assets, to provide those options in a timely fashion. And all those activities are going on.’”

Yeah, the Japanese made that mistake just before WWII. They saw America as weak and defenseless. They sold themselve all the negatives about Americans they could - just like you are doing right now. Things aren’t great, but they’re a hell of a long way from violent revolution. I would almost like to see you anarchists out in the street confronting the military with it’s firepower. It would b a housecleaning alright. Then maybe we could get down to the business of fixing what’s broke instead of dealing with wannabe insurrectionists.

You forget that when things get so bad it won’t just be anarchists on the street but everybody else that will be suffering as well and a lot of people will suffer before this whole boiling down collapsed infrastructure of the United States comes crashing down.

At any rate alot of anarchists are ex military like myself. Some of them even have illegal stock piles of military type weapons…

The time of government supporters such as yourself is about to come to an end. There is only your borrowed time now and the bullshit hopium that people like yourself try to spread around.

I realize that you mainline high melodrama and have a strong need to see a complete collapse, but to put it simply, you are wrong. - dead wrong if you push it into the street. Your assumption that EVERYBODY will turn from stability to chaos is no more than wishful thinking on your part. If Americans had as little hope as you are projecting, then the revolution would have happened in the late 20’s and 30’s. Your eagerness not withstanding, there will be no collapse of American society, not for a looong time coming.


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