Net Authority

Where does their supposed authority to censor the internet come from? What conclusion can you draw from this?

I don’t feel like giving this site the justice most sites deserve with extensive research, so I will just take some pot shots at what they think an IAUP should be:

Impure thoughts is less coherant and defined than explicit sexual nature. Looking at a cucumber gives some people what may be considered ‘impure thoughts’, should all cucumbers be banned from internet sites? Impure only works in the context of a set of ‘pure’ thoughts from which to deviate from. Given the giant cross beside the rules can I assume Christian values dictate purity? Because what my thoughts on Christianity is differs slightly from some and massivly from others, whose is the proper one?

I hate Nazis! … broke that rule. Shucks.

When everyone agrees on a God, many Gods, no God, a God composed of pasta, simply pasta being God… then this rule may pan out. The internet is a multi-culutral tool, not reserved for those who share an individual theistic viewpoint. In fact, this violates rule 2 in some ways. #-o

Is communism of an offensive political nature? Because it being talked about had a large amount to do with modern social reform. And I like the way things are run now vs 100 years ago.

This, again, just asks the question: what is offensive. I find talking about George W positively as offensive. Does that mean positive talks about him should be relegated to the land of not?

Did I miss the part of the bible that mentions the 11th Commandment “Thou shalt not sleep with thine Chinese girlfriend”?

Natural Law only works within a Catholic sense to say the very least, and because the Church says so isn’t great policy-making in countries of slightly different viewpoints (such as the 700 million Hindu in India).

So, to answer the question: I think it seems clear these people believe their authority to censor comes from God, or the Church, or both. I just hope they realize censorship almost quashed the early Christians, and if a certain government had been a little more proactive then we might all honestly worship Zeus.

And I draw from this that I just wasted 5 minutes of my life and will never get it back.

These tips for spotting a violation are pretty rididulous. The site also provides a database of dirty sites, which is an interesting thing to do for a group that is supposed to be cleaning up the 'net. I think it’s a joke. . . I hope it’s a joke.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was kidding or not until the last commandment, now I’m pretty sure they are- I mean, that was way too particular considering pornography had already been addressed.

The funniest site I’ve found in there is the CBC.