Neural interface

Video on neural interface. Pretty interesting.

That was interesting.

Amazing that he could move the cursor of a computer just by thinking of it. :astonished:

Yes, amazing! From an ethical viewpoint, though, I think we must be careful to keep in mind what differentiates humanity from “intelligent” machine life, especially if the two are integrated, because it seems to me that this frontier is less and less well defined in this day and age.

I love this, I absolutely fucking love it! (Excuse my excitement, lol). I hope their money never runs out!

Odd, but such progress is plesant, hopefully though they do not get so full of themselves that they do more harm than good, such integrated cyber technologies could prove useful in assisting people who have lost mobility, but are fine mentally.

For some reason this brings to mind an odd concept for weapons though and I find that Idea unconfortable, and the Idea of the ego booost given by such an advantage brings to mind a certin war in the 1940’s infused with the concept of superiority.