Never Abandon a hostage

[b]In a recent AP article the following was published:
by:Yasunori Sone
Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
Faculty of Policy Management
Subject:24-year-old Shosei Koda
Sone states:
“Even if he is killed, people will feel sorry for him but they will also think it was his own responsibility,” said Keio University political scientist Yasunori Sone.

geral sosbee writes to Sone as follows on October 29, 2004: attention :Yasunori Sone
Your statement above is unacceptable and should be retracted now. Your shallow reasoning and pompous insensitivity reflects poorly on the whole of Japanese culture and is also a reflection of your disrespect for human life.

geral sosbee amplifies as follows on October 29, 2004:

The 24 year old Shosei Koda must be defended by all of civilized society; he is a young man high in spirit and individual courage for embarking on his pilgrimage in pursuit of new experiences, perhaps in flight from his own decadent culture which now attempts to abandon him. He has done nothing wrong and his motives for visiting Iraq can best be viewed as brave and well-intentioned. Only a jaded journalist/professor could interpret young Koda’s predicament as his own fault , and Japan’s government should recognize that the survival of its own national character/soul is on the line ( in this instance of barbaric treatment in the world press by some of Koda’s own people). Abandon this courageous man, Japan, and you confirm to all the world your callous insensitivity to the sufferings of Humanity. [/b]

Sr. Sosbe, perhaps a touch of diplomacy would have served you there

Was this young man forced to go to Iraq?

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2004 6:17 pm Post subject: ilovephilosophy : a surrogate for the corrupt media

The moderators of this board continue (through their pretentious ruffians and pseudo-intellectuals) to prevent the airing (by removing my posts) of vital information on urgent social issues. Therefore, I request that all readers take note that this board has become in effect another branch of mainstream media propaganda and mind control by allowing only those ideas that mindless (& ever anonymous) matt and his cronies may deem permissible. My message to media follows:

This message is directed globally to all mainstream press, major network news organizations and affiliates and all other news outlets and reporters (including cbs, nbc, abc, cnn, towers productions and others) controlled/influenced by the fbi/cia, or any other government entity*:

Each of you is in default of your duty to the world’s population, to your profession, and to Humanity, for refusing to print/publish/air/report/investigate the atrocities being committed by the fbi/cia and other government agencies. Specifically, you refuse to cover in your so-called work any mention (inter alia) of the ongoing terrorist practices of the fbi/cia that I and others report on this website ( regarding the United States government’s unlawful targeting for death/torture of certain individuals; you also refuse to report on the growing evidence of United States’ sponsored terrorism here at home and abroad, especially as such crimes (by the fbi/cia) involve the use of drugs, chemicals, biological agents, high tech electronic human experimentation and related war games (on some targets) and the widespread dehumanizing mind control efforts by this nation’s government.

As a result of your fraud and deceit, you personally are responsible for the continuation of the unnecessary killing and the torturing by the fbi/cia of people who have no defense to the high-tech cut throats in our government to whom (by your subservience) you pay homage ; such thugs operate impliedly in silent association with you and threaten people everywhere on the planet.

The demise of your profession is in the making now and you know it; yet, you still refuse to honor your duty; further, your self-enrichment through obedience to the fbi/cia’s terms of broadcasting is evident everywhere and you (each and everyone) are now seen in a historical perspective as the mirror reflection of a corrupt and sinister system which cannot ever be trusted again by the people of the world.

Geral Sosbee

Anonymous Matt writes to sosbee:

"ok pal i said it to imp and pinnacle of reason: you are busted trying to screw with people. im on to you, if you wanted a convo youd have started one. so shut the hell up ".