New ILP Banner In The Works!
With little effort, so much can be accomplished!

I am in the proccess of creating some new aesthetically pleasing additions to the site. On the upside, Ben gave his full support. On the downside, these additions may not be added until he returns, or so I believe.

The image below is a work-in-progress. This is only a sample version, but the final will look very similar to it.

excellent work and thank you. whos the megalomaniacal looking guy in the middle?

Kant? Schopenhauer?

Great work, Sage…


Why no women your Sagaciousness?


cool. A different font would be nice, but it’s pretty good so far.

good so far… just needs one more…


Thanks Sage. It looks great. Oh, and don’t listen to all the “you left out…” from the peanut gallery. It’s your design, and you include and exclude as you damn well please. :laughing:

FM, they’re all megalomaniacs. They’re philosophers aren’t they?

It would be cool to get a ‘stone tablet’ type skin for ILP. It would sort of go with Sage’s pic but also the antiquity aspect of philosophy.
I’m alive!

Many thanks to all of you for your encouraging words—and suggestions, although I’ve already contemplated some of them…

To Gobbo and pxc: I am working with a couple ideas for an alternate typeface—the final should be to everyone’s liking…

The two down the middle are Kant above and Schopenhauer below. To the left of Kant are Aristotle and Socrates, while to the left of Schopenhauer are Descartes and Plato. Of course, we all know the man gracing the .com, and to the right of him rest Sartre and Marx. To the right of Schopenhauer of course remains Wittgenstein and Russell.

Dude, both Kant and Schopenhauer look like they want to kick someones ass… seriously! (Sartre and Wittgenstein too!)

Ahh… the eternal question—why leave out that person? I might not, and I might still. I did strongly contemplate adding in several others, and if I were to make this “billboard” larger I still could. Ayn Rand came to mind as the only logical female philosopher—that mattered—to add to the pool of testosterone. I was debating with Hume, Rousseau, even Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson! Leibniz, Hegel, Spinoza, Berkeley, Locke… Freud, Jung… at one point I even had Derrida in there too!

It’s pretty tricky to determine… but one way or another, I’ll work it out.

ILP’s big daddy.


Thanks for the ‘compliment’, but you’re dead wrong. I’m just a moderator that turned orange from green. As a member, I have the same right to say whatever I please (within forum guidelines) as anyone else. But please feel free to take all the shots you like. That’s what they pay me the big bucks for.

Your sweetness is beginning to show…


Oh for goodness sake JT, no need to get your knickers into a twist. It was a [size=150]joke[/size]. That you think this has anything to do with your status around here…well…um… get over yourself?


LA I think you’re beginning to suffer from what I have always suffered from - lack of emoticon-ness. People don’t really know how to take it, especially if our sense of humour is too dry! Maybe try a few more :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

LA has a point though… we could add some Beauvior/Sixous/Steinen’s etc into the mix.

Emoticons are vulgar.





Hey Sagesound - how large a brown envelope do you need to make that Nietzsche mysteriously vanish from the pic?

Oh please oh please don’t lose your sense of humour too Obw unless of course I’m having a sense of humour failure, in which case, I need another holiday.


I dunno - I think im a bit lost now! :slight_smile: I’ll meet you in Jordan and we can decide on East vs. West.