new ramp in my garage

so in cold idaho january my buddy jon and I built a mini ramp in my garage. Here are some pictures of the outcome.


beauty. possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing things i’ve seen on this board

Amazing, I’ve always wanted to do that.

Now you’ve just gotta transition to this!

it is an exhilirationg and dangerous ramp. The transitions are meant to be very quick to simulate the feeling of skating an empty swimming pool. It has a small flatbottom which whips you up and down very quickly and wildly, but if you can handle it and get used to it, it actually becomes dangerously graceful to ride.

It is wild. Drinking beer and skating this thing is a no no.

i’ve seen this video a few times. Chris haslam came to my friends ramp in hood river, Oregon a few months ago, I hope he comes to idaho soon, I’ll corner him, he likes this kind of shit.

But this ramp is mostly for pool riders and shreders, it doesn’t ride like a normal 3-6 feet mini ramp. It goes to vert transition on the wall side at 4 feet, where normal ramps don’t go to vert until 8.

Come over if anyone is in idaho any time soon.

these pictures explain why I am not online that much.