New Staff: Frighter + Rafajafar

Hey all,

Since the previous post got deleted I thought I would take this opportunity to welcome and congratulate Frighter and Rafajafar who are the latest additions to staff. They will be part of the newly devised Web Team headed up by Pax Vitae. They will look after everything involved in web design and coding. As the site goes from strength to strength (minus some glitches :wink: ) we hope to develop more specific teams to look after each part of the website.

Thanks to all those who sent their support over the past few days. Having been to a few other philosophy forums it seems we caused quite a bit of a stir over there too! Hopefully everything is back to normal now, including my sanity, and lessons have been learnt for the future.

I raise my goblet of rock to you all!

ahhh the 2nd time around feels even better then the first =) thanks ben =)

ben is that you in that “cheers” picture?

frighter, that’s a nofx quote, right?

on a more serious note: ben, in looking at your avatar, i decided to make a thread concerning israel and palestine. it will be in the social sciences forum!

your friend in deep and obscure thoughts,

dark magus