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I keep seeing the same old, same old, again and again (materialism vs idealism, objectivism vs subjectivism, determinism vs freedom of will, etc) though I suppose it’s all new to new members, Humean and the rest must have a boring job. I’ve tried to steer this forum in a slightly different direction, but failed, because me and my ideas are too retarded and/or revolutionary to be understood. Knowing me, I’m thinking the former. So, I’ve created this thread for those who have ideas that’re controversial or new (if there is such a thing, I hope there is, otherwise, what’s the point in saying anything, if it’s already been said), if not new at least, off the beaten track. Maybe the average poster here is too stupid (myself included) to come up with or appreciate anything new. If that is the case, then fuck iLP, it may as well be fucked. So, feel free to discuss anything controversial or new. I promise I will try my hardest to keep up wtih you.

why dont you set an example…


Sloth is a virtue.

In the 21st century, people shouldn’t work unless necessary. Most of our problems come from excess production, consumption and invention. For example, if people were lazier, we’d have more abortions/use more contraception, because we’d be too lazy to take care of children. This would help solve the overpopulation problem. Our activities take an unecessary toll on the environment. I think we should spend more time observing and less time participating. Humanity only thinks so it can act, I think we should only act so we can think. I don’t need a big, flat screen tv, I don’t need an ipod, I can sing in my head or think at work/on the way to work. Big, flat screen tvs and ipods produce harmful emfs, emfs fry our brains. Most things in life aren’t worth working for, we should work less and save/spend less. You see, lazy people help the environment without even realizing it. Some native indians only worked an hour or two a day, and they did just fine. They’d go out, catch a lizard, roast it on the fire, and that’s it, they were finished for the day. The next day, they would go out and catch another lizard. Then they’d spend the rest of their time sleeping, daydreaming, or performing leisure activities, such as masturbating, smoking sativa, stargazing, or painting their faces.

Also, I think more people should go on welfare, and more people should steal from rich people.

i dont think anyone should steal or cheat…what we need is----- to ACT non-violently…

I hate Nietzsche, I don’t think we should make life a big deal, after all, we’re all going to be reincarnated as rhinoceroses, or something. Life is a stupid joke, I’m into wasting time, I’m a big time waster. My only passion is philosophy, otherwise, I’m a dead soul. Philosophy is a good activity because it requires so little energy and contributes almost nothing to society. Philosophy is a leisurely, lazy, useless activity, but there is usefulness in uselessness. Science is too productive, I think we should kill science.

Why turtle, why nonviolently, why not violently?

i dont want to get killed…i dont want some asshole causing trouble and i suffer.

I’ve posted my gems awhile ago but I’m not repeating them. Of course the most popular debates will be repeated, I figure I can add unique gems here and there in response to alot of the topics here, which is what most seem to do. Never mind the subject of the op, there are typically unique responses everywhere

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But I already discussed this with Lucis some time ago

But on the plus side, you may get to injure someone, someone with money, the rich have more to fear from anarchy than the poor, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, not that I want much. A cabin in the middle of the forest,
would be nice.

The supreme dichotomy, more supreme than subject vs object, is nature vs artifice. Simulations, lies, inventions, 2nd nature, all examples of aritifice. The problem with society is, there is a surplus of artifice and a deficiency of nature. The philosophers task is to find the right balance between nature and artifice. Aritifice is a product of the left brain, and nature the right.

I think we should be more like native americans, minus the gas huffing and the antifreeze. Think precolumbian. We should keep the material and social technologies that’ve genuinely benefited mankind, and discard the rest. The problem is, we’ve categorically equated artifice with the good, when artifice is more often than not, negative. Artifice is a necessary evil. There you have it, if that’s not an original thought, it’s at least one that isn’t often discussed, here.

I thought you said you were leaving the forum…?

Remember? …I think I told you not to let the door hit you on the way out, I believe.

monooq, are you capable of having extranietzschean thoughts? ? ?

squid pro roe, my friend.


Another example of artifice is overcategorizing, this is the sin I’m most guilty of committing.

Yes I am capable of thinking outside of Nietzsche, here’s yet another example, a philosophical voluntarchy, i think philosophers should manage peoples lives, but I don’t think we should force them, that would be most unphilosophical, I think they should sign up to be controlled. We’ll help them distinguish necessity from superfluity. Now your turn.

So, wait… they should voluntarily put themselves under the control of a group who is going to be so preoccupied with their own arguments that they barely have time to take a shower, let alone manage someone else’s life?