New Worlds

Does anybody else wonder if the Human Race is to be the one that is going to colonize Space? I mean, what if all this stuff we’re doing right now doesn’t matter, but in 110-150 years from now our descendents will colonize space? What have we to show for it? Would our only accomplishment in evolution was that we’re the predecessors to the ones who colonized the vast endless? Any comments and or thought’s on the subject are welcome. (So is too, criticism of the actual questions, maybe they’re not worded so that I can achieve the most complete answer from you guys, if that is the case, please tell me what questions you would ask).

You might be interested in a book “The physics of immortality” by Frank J. Tipler , a math professor at Tulane.

He believes that the only way for mankind to survive is to code our DNA into a computer along with a machine that can then replicate us, put those on space ships and broadcast them throughout the universe. When the touch a planet that is hospitable out pops man and woman too. This is a much-simplified version.

He believes this is science, not science fiction. He has presented it to scientific conferences.

He teaches a course on this maybe someone has taken it.