Next Please Outlaw Extreme Stupidity in the U.S. … e_anorexia

“you’re putting your finger in one hole in the dike, but there are other holes, and it’s much more complex than that.”
That’s the only thing I can take away from that article. To state the obvious, I must say I agree.

Do you have sisters, realun? :-k

I’m not sure that laws are the answer here. Maybe. It’s just too bad that parents don’t teach their children that these are products, and not to be regarded as role models.

However, if we have laws against exploiting the handicapped and illegal immigrants, there is precedent for a law against the way this designer is exploiting that poor woman.

I will answer you, but first, why do you ask?

Wouldn’t it just be so funny after watching people do the stupidest things, that you could punish them or something just for being stupid?? (as if stupidity itself isn’t punishment enough)

I would get a kick out of that one!!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’m not sure that this law will be used against stupidity, realun. It seems to be aimed at those who encourage anorexia. Is that in itself stupid?

Yeah, but I’m hoping this will get “slippery-slopery”!

Ah, that vaunted imagination of yours, superceding the actual facts.

I should have realised.

Some of us like skinny girls and think the law is bullshit. I hope america never passes some shit like that. Who cares if they’re healthy mentally when you can throw them around all rought like?

C’mon, it’d be like screwing a skeleton! :astonished: :evilfun:


Oh come on. You mean to tell me that you don’t think Kate Moss or Heidi Klum are hot?

That girl in the photo is ill, physically ill. Look at her eyes and face. She is on the verge of having her body shut down.
She will be dead with in a year two at the most if she is not helped.

The professor at Brigham is an idiot.

I applaud the French and Spanish for doing something about this. Its not earth shattering but, it is a form of making humans into products or chattel. These girls want the lime light so the price they have to pay is death… parents of these girls need to be flogged.

I like a “healthy” weight–preferably where a woman can bare a child–which ironically requires body fat! :laughing:

Would you consider yourself to be a “chubby chaser”?

LOL–no; my standards are so damn high I don’t think I would sleep with any woman on this planet anymore… :astonished:


I have a friend who gets drunk and freestyle raps about how he “only fucks bitches that win beauty pageants”. He hasn’t been laid in years.

You just come across to me as someone who probably grew up surrounded by women. Most guys are not as comfortable discussing “women issues” and you seem to be more okay with it and more willing to see things from a woman’s point of view.

On OP:

I think the main problem with anorexia and bulimia are low self-esteem (+ high susceptibility to suggestion) in young girls. This is made even worse by the promotion of an aesthetic image of an “ideal” of a woman as a dainty, ethereal non-earthly creature that seems to defy gravity.
I wonder if it only makes a guy feel more of a “man” by being next to such a fragile creature. :-k

She looks fine…

This is ‘too’ skinny.

I can be open-minded without having grown up surrounded by women! …ahhh ok you got me; I have two sisters. :laughing:

Though, I am open-minded (I hope).

The only thing that separates men from women is one chromosome–and a mountain of social structure developed over 100,000 years. :astonished: