Thank you Darx. You have been the most helpful so far.

But the rest of you are helpful as well. I am thankful for all you you.

Sure, religion as morality is used by the powerful to control the weak. ie, the mythology of the times is a tool of the powerful.

Also, become what you are meant to be, not what others want you to be.

Just an idea, opera - you can google a lot of stuff about Nietzsche, but you would probably have to learn how to spell his name.

It is a fact that N stole most of his ideas from Ernst Werklempter. You might do well to study The Great Man before returning to Nietzsche.

You seem underread.


Greek philosophy, we are as the gods. Socrates would ask us, what kind of gods do we want to be? Self interested gods as Nietzsche seems to advocate for, or gods who hold the best interest of all in mind? I the moral of Nietzsche philosophy is destruction of civilization, reducing humanity to the level of barbarians.

What a sick thing to say.

And also, “civilization” is destroying what was once known as nature.

They claim to be above and beyond the wild and barbaric.

Their joy is only in oppression.

They wish only to tame one-another, to castrate, to declaw, to destroy all ego and all pride.

But as he said, the preachers of death are everywhere.

I don’t agree with you here, Athena. But even if it was true - barbarians need love, too. Barbarians are only barbarians from the perspective of the “civilised”.

And I wonder who you’re underwriting.