Nietzsche and...

“God rested on the seventh day and became a devil…” (Nietzsche)


Nietzsche sees the individual as a congeries of competing drives, thus the Devil comes out very subtly and where least suspected. Nietzsche alludes to this in Thus Spoke Zarathustra in the parable about the tree’s branches reaching for sunlight while the roots crave the darkness and also in the statement, “One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”, and in “There are Gods but no God.”

Yes… but what does it have to do with God resting on the seventh day?

And what is he talking about with: “One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”, and in “There are Gods but no God.”


Check the Hellenistic philosophy. The Greeks had gods, but no God.

Yes, but what difference would it make if there were “Gods” but no “God”?

I don’t see the connection. lol

And so… what connection does that have to God resting on the seventh day and becoming a devil?

Can someone please give me a detailed explanation? I’m afraid I’m very new to this… :frowning:

ack Marshall, help !!!

Okay, remember the “higher” or perhaps noble human being affirms himself, and has self-reverence like how one reveres a god? A dionysian is a self-affirming human being—willing to take all, good and bad, as part of his life.


…but what does that have to do with the Christian God resting on the seventh day? Why choose that specifically as a parable?

Then can you please explain it to me?

You know, you don’t have to be a dick to everyone. Simply because you’re more intelligent than others doesn’t mean you are the only person who can enjoy certain things. Sure, we aren’t as advanced as you and probably won’t enjoy it on as many levels but I believe knowledge should be shared. If you have something important to add, if you are truly in sync with Nietzsche, than why not share your wisdom?

I find it an incredible waste that when you die, all your ideas will go with you.

So if I accept that it is too early for me, than Nietzsche and philosophy will be attainable for me? Okay. So… what… wait 50 years and then give it a try? :unamused:

  1. How does one work on the path? And if you understand all of his work, why are you here? Arguing with the less knowledgable? Why not become a professor at a University?

  2. Why is it an enormous risk?

Destroy EVERYTHING?! Then everything up to this point has been meaningless.

ignore all posts made by the ego-driven whitescrotum.

Actually this is a necessary step to a particular destination - and the path which Nietzsche himself seems to have taken, at least to some extent or at least as it appears in and across the span of his literary output.