Nietzsche's best work?

I have the Anti-Christ and love his writing style and the work as a whole.

I will eventually read everything at some point, but what’s the next step?

start at the beginning.

birth of tragedy


I remember enjoying Beyond Good and Evil quite a bit, but that was a long time ago and also I’m not widely read. Thus Spake Zarathustra may tickle you if you’re so inclined - I confess it seemed a bit too pompous for me. But if you’re of European descent, male and under the age of say 25 or so it might be just the thing you will love. Which isn’t to say it’s unintelligent.

I have two recommendations.

The first is to read The Genealogy of Morals, because I think it’s N’s clearest and easiest work.

The other is to take Imp’s recommendations. Over the years, I have found them to be right on the money.

Damn, I think that’s the one I meant. It was the clear and easy one - I know that much. :confused:

Well you know, anon - Nietzsche didn’t have all that much to say, so he said it over and over again. It probably doesn’t matter. … 1871592461

I was just reading this last night.

On the Genealogy of Morals.

I agree about the Genealogy, but also recommend The Dawn/Daybreak, for some of his earlier moral critique.

Twilight of the Idols is closest in style etc to The Anti-Christ. But read Ecce Homo ASAP.

Also, The Birth of Tragedy has a lot of retarded stuff in it, so read it last so you can see the mistakes for what they are.