Nietzsche's music

you can find some of Nietzsche’s piano music on and a very amusing review of it when someone claims that his ideas are borrowed from people like Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor and Rammstein.

anyone know much about Nietzsche’s musical talent out of curiousity?

i had no idea. that’s great …i’ll be investigating! :sunglasses:

No shit? Awesome.

Crafe, do me a favor. Find it and post a link for me, will ya?

Friedrich Nietzsche: Compositions of his Youth (1867-63), Vol. 1 … 90-5518510

The Music of Friedrich Nietzsche (this is the one) … 90-5518510

Friederich Nietzsche: Piano Works … 90-5518510

I know this isn’t quite on topic but didn’t he kill him self after screaming in the streets? I don’t know if that’s right and I would like to know


no, as far as i know that’s complete and utter bollux (i might be wrong, but i’m pretty sure i ain’t).

i think i know where that story comes from (confusion of character in a book) but it’s difficult to explain/i don’t know the details

i’m not actually 100% sure of how he died to tell the truth which is why i say i might be wrong but i think it was more of his body giving up on him like his mind did then suicide in the street, even though that’s a pretty cool story.