None of life or existence really has any deeper meaning or point to it.
Its just a bunch of arbitrary movements that serve as a medium for emotion and experience.

Ever noticed how any repetetive movement you make will become pleasurable over time? (Bouncing your leg up and down, grinding your teeth, picking fingernails, bouncing a ball, etc)
It is because our brain tricks itself into thinking that it holds meaning.
Think of just how many hobbies and activities we do on a regular basis that hold no real meaning but we have tricked ourselves into thinking that they do.

Even worse, for those who are naturally smart enough to realize this inherent nihilism in all of existence, they are usually born so depressed that they kill themselves - or they go through life so insecure that they never have sex. Over time, intelligence filters itself out of the gene pool leaving humanity as nothing other than a pointless, artless, meaningless body of pigs eating at the food trough.
I’m sure tomorrow I’ll wake up with my neuronal storage sheds of dopamine and serotonin replenished, and I’ll forget all about the blatant meaninglessness of life and I’ll go on living. And if I do remember it, I’ll think to myself “well I was just tired, that is why I was thinking that way”. But may this be my testimony right here and right now, that I acknowledge life as nothing more than an endless sea of human stupidity too incompetent to overcome its stupidity. ‘Good’ people spend their entire lives working to maintain the lives of ‘bad’ people. Why? Because women mistake “bad men” for “powerful men”, and flood the human population with fucking morons.

Naturally smart? Why would they kill themselves then? The only thing we have is our conscience. Without that, we are nothing. The fact that there is a chance to survive is “meaning” enough for me. That is life’s meaning.

I say lets worry about wether our progress will “mean” anything once we have made it, for that is the only way we will know for sure. Logically, it makes more sence to survive then to die. I would rather have something then nothing, even if that something means nothing.

but Peachy, if we create a meaning out of bouncing our leg or grinding our teeth or doing a hobby or any other thing, arent we then by definition creating a meaning? does not this thing now become meaningful, by definition?

why is it a criticism because its created by us? would not a meaning created by us be more, well, meaningful than ones imposed upon us from ‘outside’? and what would an “ultimate” or external/intrinsic meaning even be like, anyways; i cant even imagine what such a thing would be.

the implication within your OP is that things which we find meaningful to us are not really meaningful because A) they are arbitrary, and B) we create the meaning ourselves. but i dont see either of these as criticisms. it doesnt matter if its arbitrary, because once its a meaning it becomes MEANINGFUL. by definion. and hence, becomes a valuable thing or action in its own right, to us personally. no need to try and reason some sort of extra or prior meaning behind it, because the meaning starts and ends with us personally. and like i said, i dont know what a meaning which is imposed upon us and NOT created by us in some manner would even be like. even meanings we borrow from others have to be, at some point, self-created within our own minds to have any true meaning at all.

And? You can’t tell me you’ve just realised such a monumentally obvious conclusion.

No, and there are few repetitive movements that are pleasurable for there own sake. It’s not the repetition that is pleasurable, its the act itself and that which we give meaning to. Living in itself is pleasurable, if you have the right attitude, and stop expecting everything to be some clockwork play set up to provide you with something.

Yes having fun for the sake of having fun is so worthless. If its not winning self determination for Muldavia its not worth doing. :wink:

That’s a non sequitur, and not only that does the world need more people, even if you have some wonderful genes there, do you not think that there are enough people like you for it to cease to matter. Why is even breeding all that important? Choosing to have children is merely that, it no longer has the fundamental significance it had, in a race often bordering extinction.

And anyway can’t sex just be for fun? Why does everything have to have cosmic significance, what are you exepcting and isn’t that the problem, expectation? Even if you never had it you’re not exactly losing something profoundly fundamental, and imbued with purpose. Although you probably are missing out on something that’s fun for the sake of fun.

If you’re that weak mentally that everything has to be imbued with some profound purpose to be worthwhile then so be it. The wisdom to accept that which you cannot change is probably one of those things that most people find sooner or later. The obvious absurdity of life being one thing you can’t change.

Don’t it’s only when you give up the struggle to provide meaning to everything you really become free. Life can be fun without putting in cages all the time. If there’s ever anything that robs life of pleasure its seeking to place that pleasure in meaningless boxes in order to contain it, as if somehow it needs to be. Appreciating life for what it is, should set you free.

There are plenty of stupid, entirely selfish, self absorbed idiots in the world, spewing their invective bile over everything and mocking everything that doesn’t fit into their petty button down view of reality, like they’ve stumbled across some objective religion and everyone else is therefore a source of amusement in their worthless little tragic bubble, why strive to become one more of them. Also there are good people out there too, the key is just ignoring the self proclaimed “prophets”: people who think humanity is just a huge dying carcass on which they feed like feculent, turgid parasites, giving nothing to the world but their infective malarial listless dolour and acting like the world owes them something for their pathogen.

For the materialist there can never be an underlying purpose to life, all meaning becomes arbitrary.If you want an inherent meaning to your life you have to view reality from a different perspective.Materialism is a dead end.

If you can view the universe as a universe of ideas rather than things, life can get more meaningful . :banana-dance:

yes happy fictions and make believe lands are always comforting.

tell us something we dont know.

Some people see absolute meaninglessness and get depressed even though relative/arbitrary/limited/conditional meanings can be found.
It’s because they are looking for the absolute meaning (and/or seeking The Absolute in the form of meaning, in this case), and thus relative/limited meanings don’t satisfy them.

In a way, we can say that they are at least honest to their desire, compared to others who know the lack of Absolute meaning and yet try to see disguised “absoluteness” in limited/relative meanings.

The nihilistic position lacks the awareness of own desires (and fears behind them).
And I’m not sure if they would gain more awareness and they would be able to do the 180 degree turn of their perspective to trace back rather than being projected/pushed away, all the time.

Those who try to see (false) absolutes lacks reasoning ability/honesty/clarity.
As long as they continue to ignore/hide/deny own desire and logic, they are deluding themselves.

Other than these two types, there are those who aren’t aware/rational at all and don;t have much doubt/inner-conflict. :slight_smile:
And those who can happily believe in fantasy, like religion/ideology/science/humanism/ecology/whatever. :smiley:

Finally, there are some people who know what they want, The Absolute.
By wanting it, even though seeking itself is an act of taking particular perspective, making it relative/limited/partial/conditional, they would exhaust all positive venues and loose all hope/motivation.
In rare case, the total lack of any focusing happens, and it’s as close to the awareness may get to the absolute, because even the basic non-focused awareness is also the limiting factor.
Usually, the awareness will have some sort of feeling/sensation that it’s in between the emptiness and the existence, so to say, by this stage (or a bit later). In other words, the source of the subjectivity can be traced back to the void/emptiness, although it’s not a personal subjectivity, anymore. (I mean, you wouldn’t feel that it’s “your” awareness nor your “subjectivity”).

And the total lack of all/everything is in a way the absolute, matching the desire for the absolute. With this, one is satisfied and there is more fundamental motivation at the core level. Seeking, at least about the absolute, has ended. However, as long as one exists in any way, it means there are still certain forms of desire/motivation at some level, and they will live with these desires, whatever they are. But it’s a bit too far away for someone still suffering from the nihilistic perspective or someone who is trying to cling false absolutes (by overrating something limited/relative).

I’d say that materialism tends to be an unhappy fiction (It is clearly impossible to prove that reality is constructed from such make believe stuff)…probably because materialists lack imagination.

Or they realize that it’s the most logical way to go. I enjoy life by doing everything life has to offer. I play intruments, love learning, try to survive in the wilderness with nothing but my brain, parkour (Very fun.), enjoy video games and reading fiction novels, and hopefully soon take a diving class and a martial art or two. I actually used to be Christian when I was little but developed some logic. Boy was I happier when I got out of that.

In fact, now that I know that there is no meaning to everything, that meant to me that there is two alternatives. One being of course, kill yourself (Which is both illogical and meaningless anyways.). Or two, survive. That is both logical and creates a meaning by itself. If we can survive forever (However unlikely that may be.), we would have infinite meaning. It would not require another meaning to back it up. Now I know a lot of people are skeptical of the idea, but even the fact that it is possible is worth trying to do it. And if we fail, who cares? Obviously we won’t.

I think it is logical to believe that there is a reality, but to believe it exists as an unprovable substance (material reality), rather than as an extension of something we know exists (thoughts) is a leap of faith.The main point here is that provided I treat the world outside of me as reality, I don’t need the concept of physical material .

Tbh, I think objective meaning comes from serving a cause that goes beyond the self,by surrendering the self to the idea.

It seems most of your responses are Hedonistic - “Do in life what is pleasurable, and that will be your meaning in life”
Why then, do we not just say “Fuck all” and live each day in a manic lust for life with absolutely no regard to the life or well-being of others?
Besides - isn’t that the mentality of the politicians who govern us? Hedonism has its drawbacks, especially when a person in position of authority is unknowingly Hedonistic.

try mixing a lot of struggling with a lot of laughter and tears and that just might do it for you.

and why are you “Peachy”? :laughing:

I don’t think anyone was suggesting anything like that, after all we would end up in jail, or at best completely ostracised if we didn’t take account of moral judgement while pursuing what we want to do. All people are suggesting is giving up the sense that what you are doing has to have some profound purpose per se. All they were saying is what they want to do to give their lives some subjective purpose or goal, and that could be anything from saving the world to sailing the world. I think the idea was just to stop trying to make everything meaningful and start living, your own meaning you will find I suspect along the way anyway. It’s kind of like stopping to consider why a joke is funny, if you aren’t laughing its because you are over analysing the experience. I think all that was asked was that you give up the all encompassing expectations about things. There’s only one way of life and that’s your own. Or as the Buddhist would say there is no one true way to Nirvana.

Believe it or not most politicians go into politics with good intentions as well, it’s just that power tends to attract those easily corrupted in the first place. Some do however retain their moral centre, even in the mire of bureaucracy that is political manoeuvering. They just have to play the game with the dross to get things done. We also tend to only read about things when the governments fuck up, and forget the things that have had a good effect and those who did them.

It’s called hypocrisy. A core tenet of materialism

delaying pleasure in the short term can lead to greater pleasure in the long term. why do you think we work, rather than just blow all our money immediately? i have money in the bank, and stuff i want with that money, but i save it for bills later at the end of the month, so i can continue to live in my apt and work and make MORE money IN THE FUTURE. its a rational calculation, sure, but its also one of the basis for unconscious or automatic processing heuristics in the mind. repression and redirection of energies, sublimation of immediate desires being satisfied to the increased prospect of future desires being satisfied.

“enlightened hedonism”, if you want to call it that. we are all of us enlightened hedonists, among other things.

Is that all the talking heads had to say to convince you to be a good little drone?

why do you think it is otherwise than i have indicated here?

because there is ALWAYS so much more beneath us, ready to erupt and/or to go in all different directions - that which we have no idea of yet but just you wait T and see when the Earth and that moon and that wind and that restlessness may cause you to indeed erupt, rise rise rise up to and push you forth in directions in which you have no idea of the divine chaos that will continue on through you to create that which must be. It must be!!! :laughing: