Nihilistic Observations On Racism And Multiculturalism.

I think your angle here is how some races or genetics are more recessive than others, correct?

The parallels between western Christianity and western multiculturalism or multiracialism are enormous.

Both systems use the very same moral and utopian ideals. More importantly both of these systems mask and parade morality with social cohesion for purely political economic ends.

While Christianity is a religious belief system there is no doubt it gave birth and rise to the modern secular phenomena known as multiculturalism or multiracialism. Christianity was very instrumental in creating western humanism which secular multiculturalism and multiracialism derives from in origin.

The concept of a multicultural or multiracial world first stemmed from the Christian axiom of all races of men under god and christ.

The kingdom of heaven eventually would become the world order of men in the secular sense.

For the secular humanists this world order in the absence of god comes under the form of a global government order with explicit social conditions. What is more interesting however is the deceptions of both belief systems.

For Christianity the means of converting all races and cultures of men under god during the western colonial period had little to do with god but instead had everything to do with plundering the raw natural resources of other nations along with selling its inhabitants into perpetual slavery. The common man or woman of the west handing out bibles were unaware mostly of these things as they were intentionally misdirected into believing they were following the moral will of god. As with all authoritarian power misdirection and misinformation especially with the general public is key to its successful implementation.

Likewise just like Christianity multiculturalism and multiracialism are virtually the same only instead of religion being at play it has more to do with socio economics. While secular multiculturalism and multiracialism preaches social tolerance along with diversity their effect is the direct opposite.

In socio economic terms they are used to reduce wages of western domestic workers and supplant them with foreign immigration.

Instead of the church being the guiding influence in all of this it is mega banks.

They’re used to outsource jobs of domestic workers along with their higher living standards. In all of this we can describe it as reverse colonization. Just like those naive Christians before believing themselves to be following god’s moral will the economically naive common man and woman today believe that they’re fulfilling a moral humanist imperative just cause with the same reoccurring misdirection or misinformation being used.

I believe that if races/cultures had been left alone (not being merged by means of warfare or economic invasion), they would be organically unified by now… the evil is in the details.

fear, insecurity, impoverishment of nations… is the real cause of racism/xenophobia. Multiculuralism is an agenda onto itself

There are two kinds of racial and cultural exchanges. Those that are enforced and those that happen naturally on an organic front where people do so willingly by themselves without any outside interference.

Under today’s multiracial and multicultural exchanges it is all government enforced. This kind of exchange only breeds more intolerance, hatred, and discord.

Let us assume that out of competing nations, cultures, races, and so on that global imperialism or colonization was inevitable due to technological innovation and exploration.

It could of easily been the Chinese or Mongolians in earlier history that set the global precedence of imperialism and colonization. We could of been lamenting the horrors of Mongolian African slave trading or the Chinese colonization of North America. Instead however it was western civilization that accomplished all those things first before other civilizations had the chance to do so and because western civilization achieved those ends first a type of mentality of guilt has been attached to western civilization culturally.

Now the descendants of western civilization who had no hand in those ancient activities are decreed to still be responsible for them and to carry on this guilt complex while also being told they have no right to individual autonomy.

According to Nigel Farage “the French voice … in Europe is little more … than a pipsqueak”.

Back in the old days of nations there was thing known as freedom of assembly. You could gather in public with whoever you wanted to. You could gather with like minded individuals in creating your own communities and likewise state who you didn’t want infringing in your communities by majority consensus.

With government enforced integration initiatives concerning imposed immigration this need not any longer be implied as modern governments have completely done away with this notion of freedom of assembly altogether.

The modern sense is that you’re not free to assemble where everybody obeys to the centralized micro management of government.

Under modern government you have no claim whatsoever in having your own communities where communities are under the direct control and domination of the state.

[b]The Curious Case Of The World’s First Major Public Transblack White Woman: When Political Correctness Goes Amuck And Becomes Self Loathing.

Presenting Rachel Dolezal,[/b]

…still all a case of divide and conquer.


Groups and society using racism and multiculturalism for their own needs and gains in whatever way they can to gain from a given situation.

that is what I meant.

Now you’re intriguing me, can you give me an everyday example of what you’re articulating?

Great to see another awakened mind.

Just different social groups using media stories etc. for their own cause at the expense of others… they make it all about them and the rest be damned.


She’s an embarrassment to her own people. Who thought it a good idea to let her talk with authority on the matter of what does and doesn’t make a hate crime.

Agreed. :wink:

Facts are racist! Factoid lives matter! … radox.html