Nihilistic Observations On Racism And Multiculturalism.

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The word utopia comes from the Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) and means “no-place”, and strictly describes any non-existent society ‘described in considerable detail’. [/b]

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And also Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine, White Russia, for example.

That was pure propaganda. In reality the Soviet Union and all the other “communistic”/“socialistic” countries were extreme nationalistic countries.

But if we are honest, we have to admit that the nation is the largest size of a society we humans can somewhat manage - but not more. All larger society sizes turn out repeatedly as empires, thus: dictatorship.

In other words: Multiculturalism does not work. It leads to something like civil wars, anarchy, thus: chaos.

I guess, you think that chaos must and should be in order (sic!) to get a new order. Is that right?

Europe will never become the „United States of Europe“ as some European idiots say but it will become the most chaotic territory of all time if the Europeans will furthermore do what their rivals (competitors) want them to do.


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200 years later:

No racism anymore, no multiculturalism anymore … does not mean: no wars anymore, no murder anymore, no violence anymore, no rape anymore, no poverty anymore, no lies anymore … and so on.

Im not hyperrational and nor am I that masculine. I am a human organism and so I am affected by the disease of love. I dont wish to rewrite my programming to be a detached robot. Hell, word of the wind is even Kevin has a girlfriend once in a blue moon…

Indeed, especially after they purged all the Trotskyists under Stalin.

Yes, it’s all rather interesting how much conflict is created when these utopians engineer more multicultural and multiracial societies. It doesn’t really bring people together but instead has the direct opposite effect.

As a nihilist my goal in this thread is to deconstruct both multiracialism and racism. A nihilist is very neutral on these issues especially from a skeptical stance. I will write more in this thread within the coming days.

Only the black man is left standing? :-k

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It is an example but an fairly realistic example: Look at the current demographic trend.

I think your angle here is how some races or genetics are more recessive than others, correct?

The parallels between western Christianity and western multiculturalism or multiracialism are enormous.

Both systems use the very same moral and utopian ideals. More importantly both of these systems mask and parade morality with social cohesion for purely political economic ends.

While Christianity is a religious belief system there is no doubt it gave birth and rise to the modern secular phenomena known as multiculturalism or multiracialism. Christianity was very instrumental in creating western humanism which secular multiculturalism and multiracialism derives from in origin.

The concept of a multicultural or multiracial world first stemmed from the Christian axiom of all races of men under god and christ.

The kingdom of heaven eventually would become the world order of men in the secular sense.

For the secular humanists this world order in the absence of god comes under the form of a global government order with explicit social conditions. What is more interesting however is the deceptions of both belief systems.

For Christianity the means of converting all races and cultures of men under god during the western colonial period had little to do with god but instead had everything to do with plundering the raw natural resources of other nations along with selling its inhabitants into perpetual slavery. The common man or woman of the west handing out bibles were unaware mostly of these things as they were intentionally misdirected into believing they were following the moral will of god. As with all authoritarian power misdirection and misinformation especially with the general public is key to its successful implementation.

Likewise just like Christianity multiculturalism and multiracialism are virtually the same only instead of religion being at play it has more to do with socio economics. While secular multiculturalism and multiracialism preaches social tolerance along with diversity their effect is the direct opposite.

In socio economic terms they are used to reduce wages of western domestic workers and supplant them with foreign immigration.

Instead of the church being the guiding influence in all of this it is mega banks.

They’re used to outsource jobs of domestic workers along with their higher living standards. In all of this we can describe it as reverse colonization. Just like those naive Christians before believing themselves to be following god’s moral will the economically naive common man and woman today believe that they’re fulfilling a moral humanist imperative just cause with the same reoccurring misdirection or misinformation being used.