No dreams?

What does it say about a person and their mental health when they can’t really ever remember dreaming?

Is not remembering that you dreamed much less what you dreamt a sign of a disconnection between self and Ego?

Well, I guess it is okay to put it your way. I have a little different explanation though.
Dreaming is a work of one’s subconscience. Deeper the dream is - less aware we are of our dream. Sometimes we can “catch” it. I love doing it, because analyzing my own dreams helps me to know better what’s going on with me.
I’d better say it tells us about separation of conscience and subconscience…

You don’t remember every dream. End of story. Maybe some dreams just aren’t memorable. And perhaps waking from a dream is like forgetting someones name on the spot…only you never recall it…

I recall that dream were a giant teddy bear
tried to eat me alive…bizzare

okay…but these responses don’t answer or shed light on why I don’t remember the act of dreaming itself.

The process of the dream is the dream itself…

Why you so concerned anyway?

Dreams are the residue of a mind.
Take from that what you will…

I want to know why I don’t remember my dreams b/c knowing it would let me understand what is going on inside my head–which is much needed right now. I want to know what is residing deep inside my mind.

In all honesty, I think most of our dreams tell us very little about ‘what is going on’ inside our mind! Is our mind a giant facotory and we are stadning at the front of it while all the cogs and wheels and mechanisms are spinning? More than likely.

I wouldn’t worry about what dreams mean! Blame Freud for suggesting they mean anything at all! By and large most dreams even symbolic dreams mean very little in terms of actual practical understanding…

Deep inside the mind? This notion of ‘depth’ is dodgy…at most the mind is surface…there is no depth…only thinking and feeling…just stop trying to convince yourself that you have no idea what is going on in your mind…it’s all quite within your control…take heart in the fact! :smiley:

One dream I remember in particular (normally have trouble remembering my ridiculous dreams)…
I was fishing off of a dock (i recognized the dock), and there were people on a boat in front of me, but I forget everything else about the boat.
But what I do remember was that I saw the biggest fish I’d ever seen (it was kind of like this fish from an episode of a cartoon i used to watch).
The fish was right in front of the dock and it thought it would be quite easy to catch it.
So I moved the bait towards the fish and it took much longer than I expected for the fish to take the bait.
But he took it eventually and when he did i just pulled the rod straight up (cause the fish was basically right next to me). But all of a sudden the water drained out and the fish was gone.
It gave me a very unsettling feeling and then I woke up on my couch sweating.

Hmmm…what could it mean?
Well I could say that it had something to do with how the ‘truth’ is elusive and just when I think I’ve got that big fish that is right next to me, everything disapears and I can no longer see the fish or the water it was in.
But really that dream could just be a random collection of memories. I like fishing and obviously enjoy catching big fish, i can even recall a specific experience where I had caught a HUGE bass in a lake by my house but when I went to get the camera and came back the fish had gotten off of the hook.
The boat was random and had no place in the so called ‘meaning of the dream’
And the fish from my dream I remember was just like the fish from this episode of ‘Doug’ where Doug and Skeeter try to catch this legendary fish.

So basically my conclusion is “Who knows, if you examine every dream you have you can always come up with some sort of obscure meaning behind it. But it is logical to conclude that dreams actually have meaning? And furthermore ‘meaning’ is quite a bold term, what do you consider to be meaningul? Something that is true, well I do think that dreams can reveal your secret insecurities and your secret desires but is that something you consider to be meaningful?”
And really dreams could just be a random occurence of memories and events and various impressions on all of these memories.

I feel like I dream for hours a bit like feature length thrillers while dreaming able to follow plot lines when i wake and try to verbalize everything becomes jumbled and nothing makes sense especially when i try to relate it to a second party?
In explaining a particluar scene and all its sub-texts associated the plot starts to diffuse .

What is the best ways to remember dreams and make sense of them ?

I too have the ocassional feature length dream-movie! Our consciousnessis completely saturated with the ‘media dream’. I just thank God we don’t dream in ‘advertisments’. haha…

Well, I had a truly bizzare dream lastnight: I was on a bus trip…my house was also being used as a kind of bohemian party place…and most unusual of all…I was given three pet Rhinos which I kept in a fishbowl!

I am not joking. How farcical is that!?

I had a dream last night about cooking bacon and eggs in my kitchen with Samuel L Jackson. He was a rubbish cook, for some reason he was holding an oven tray over the hob, trying to use it to make scrambled eggs. I kept asking him why he’d chosen to do Snakes on a Plane but he kept looking depressed and refusing to answer.

So tell me, what the fuck does that mean?

The horror horror its come to me i have dreamt a herd of kudu came running through the streets …oh my god its that ad…those ads with wild life pouring through the streets
Its too late for me …
I,ve been overrrun …
yes its true all pervading
media …
yikes its bad enough that these inane ditties
"Where your mummy gone .(repeat)
Where your mummy gone …(repeat)

          wheres your paPpy gone.(repeat)
          wheres your paPpy gone .(repeat )
                                                         far far away ..
       last night i heard .....di dee da dah dee singing a song chirpy chirpy cheeep cheep chirp

…and theres more and they keep coming back
unleashing themselves
Losing ones mind ???
Kumba yah
they keep coming

It’s a sign that you are sleeping peacefully. Your mind is still and you are at rest. It is the best kind of sleep.

You might need to be looking elsewhere, like for example you could be looking at the people around you. What kinds of thoughts do you have when you interact with people? What do you think about them? This will give you a clue.



Do you engage in many drugs?

I find my dream recollection abilities to be best when I’m sober/hung over. I hardly ever remember dreams when I smoke pot…

To be perfectly honest though, I’d say that you will likely have more luck with introspection while awake than asleep.

My advice, listen to Kafka,

You’ll get through this… hang in there


The only dreams I ever remember are the nightmares…

I had one this moring that my wife was dying. We were in the hospital and I was saying that I wasn’t ready for to die, that she couldn’t.

Right then she woke me up and I was literally in tears about her dying.

I think that dreams are like a screensaver for our mind. I don’t believe they are prophetic, its the activity of our brain when we sleep. Rehashing, thinking, remembering.

Whatever else is happening in your life, and it sounds like its bad, I wouldn’t want you to be concerned that you couldn’t remember your dreams.


Do you consider yourself a very rational person? Our dreams are tied to our imagination. I dream almost all the time. Often times I feel like I have a whole house full of children (i.e., different aspects of myself), each of which requires some degree of nurturing. These are the types of characters that I meet up with when I’m dreaming. Oh, I noticed that whenever I used to leave the radio on before I fall asleep (something relaxing and not too loud), I tended to have more vivid dreams.

Some would argue that that’s a good thing (not dreaming).

(Also, I don’t think we ought to necessarily speak in terms of a self and Ego dichotomy when we’re disscuss dreaming – it may be a useless distinction).

Krishnamurti posed questions as to why the mind has to be disturbed by dreams durring the night: Why are dreams necessary? he asked. He thought the best thing for the mind, is when it is free of conflict, i.e., free of dreams altogether. Perhaps, an insight into your own psyche, given the fact that you don’t have or don’t remember dreaming, is that it is not as conflicted as you imagine. Or, on the other hand, to draw a bit on Western psychology, it could be the very opposite. Your unconscious might be disturbed so deeply by some traumatic event(s) that your lucid consciousness has totatlly blocked itself off from this sector of your mind.

Given whichever way you lean toward, I think, you have two options really; a) enjoy the fact that your consciousness is conflict free, and doesn’t dream or b) pry and pry into your mind, by consciously focusing all your attention before you go to sleep toward being lucid durring sleep. This method helps to induce lucid dreaming, but it especially helps an individual remember, or at the very least be semi-aware, of the dreams they incur.

Hope that was of some help Kristalyn,


After abit of training, making notes soon after waking of what appeared in your dream. Studying certain recurring themes, you can intentionally control certain aspects of sleep. Lucidity is an inapropriate term here because in my sleep, even when i become aware that i am asleep, its never in a clear manner as such. As the term goes, its the best way to describe the the act of been awake or having prior knowledge that you are asleep, yet in the confusing sense of is the person in the mirror looking back in the me or me at him. Yet, making any sort of correlation between the acts you may purposefully induce, to the acts that would of occured anyways is tricky. I’ve been able to take this to the extreme circumstance of been fully awake, in a limpid manner. A state of comatose were the external world was as it is now only i was unable to move. The first time i did this i panicked in a desperate manner to open my eyes, or even move. After a few panick stricken attempts and having learned that: “yes, you aren’t dead. But perhaps temporally paralyzed.” I began to learn to induce sleep again; here controlling my dreams was much easier, i could fly, get nearer to certain women without all of a sudden playing basketball with a tennis ball and three ducks.

Of resent ive opted for option a) though, its alot easier.


ever seen the movie waking life?