No Freedom.

I believe freedom is a myth or story and has no basis in reality. I build this affirmation on the lines that nothing is free from the bounds and dependencies of this world therefore nothing is free.

Can someone disprove me? ( Yes, I’m saying freedom does not exist.)

Freedom for some, no freedom for many.

Freedom in the ultimate sense does not exist, you always have to define freedom, most people merely hide behind the concept of freedom to just get what they want and justify their particular view of the world, in the real world, freedom has no meaning when we consider objects, is a ball inside a box less free then a ball sitting in a ditch? In the world we merely mean capability of movement or oscillation

Freedom in the sense that ‘I have a desire for something, and then I am get it without a problem’ does have some significance. But this freedom is contingent on one’s power to achieve their goals, and really, this kind of freedom is not any different that a cats freedom to chase down a mouse.

Freedom that postulates a world where in my want is wholly wholly contingent on an essential I, in that that want is not an effect is simply inconcsistent with basic principles for reality. It’s absurd to think that what one wants, and which desires one goes ahead and pursues, and the means by which one chooses to accomplish them are in themselves without cause. A person doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Some say a person is influenced or coerced by nature, and that it is from this influence or coercion that his freedom diminishes. I say there doesn’t a exist a dichotomy between man and nature. Man is nature. A man’s desires are not coerced by nature. A man’s desires are given to him by nature as they are; and so are the ways by which he attempts to accomplish; and the impediments he may encounter; and…so is the he, or the she, to be politically correct here.

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record around here.

what would you do if you were free? Would you do anything different for all time or would you eventually come back to a shackle? Be honest with your self. think hard and abstractly and within all realms.would you choose absolute freedom forever or would you eventually seek the safety of order. Remember all time is a very long time to be free. Free means no attachments of any kind. No law , no morals, no,ethics, no friends no family no love no one would be there for you and no one would be there with you , ever. You would be free.

What is freedom? Freedom to me is a elaborate illusion.

Makes sense to me.

freedom obviously exists, it’s just an idea that can be brought forth through many means. saying it’s an elaborate illusion is like saying that morality doesn’t exist because it’s just an idea, therefore an illusion.

freedom is just an idea, and it’s up to us to make it tangible.

All ideas that are created and postulated exist? Is that what you are saying?

I have an idea of a griffin in the sky. Since I created the idea and define a griffin to be in sky over my head I must be right, yes?

But if you say I am wrong then you must be alluding that there are a bunch of unreal things that can be thought up that don’t really exist. Well, which is it?

And since we have a bunch of institutions with people in them that we call delusional who think up ideas all the time which we allude to be unreal psychological phantoms of their own making which we call insane it must go as the following that there is a difference between the real and unreal. I await your reply.

If I say I’m about to raise one of my hands, and you can tell me which one it’s going to be, before I do it, every time, for however long, then I’ll agree that freedom doesn’t exist. But If I can raise a hand that you can’t predict, then you haven’t proven a thing.

Death is freedom.

And what exactly is your arguement for freedom apart from the realization that you can move muscles in your arm that stretches out in your hands?

Is not your physiology that allows you to raise a limb dependent on somthing in order to function?

Is it? Have you expirienced death in order to make such a phrase?

Sure it is, but tell me which arm? If you can’t tell me which it’s going to be, then you’ve got no evidence that it’s determined.

Why should I do that when your mind determined what arm you were going to raise for you and before that your mind was determined in such a way to bring you to a competitive stance in behavior as well which is the reason why you are debating me in this very forum in order to prove me just how wrong I am in contrast to yourself in order to give you a sort of euphoria of pleasure as sort of accomplishment of conquest through that of conversation.

Everything is determined in one way or another and the only thing that seperates us is our expiriences.

Do I have to experience it in order to make such a phrase?

I think so. If you know nothing of death and have not expirienced it to call it freedom is only guess work leaving nothing of evidence.

You should do it so that you can prove that things are determined. Better yet, so you can prove that I don’t have the freedom of will to choose which arm. If things are all determined, and you know that to be the case, then there must be some way that you know it. Better yet, if there is no free will and you know that to be the case, then there must be some way that you know this. If you’re argument is intended to prove that there is no free will, then I’ll gladly raise an arm as soon as you predict which one, and we’ll see whether your argument coresponds to the truth. Otherwise, you might as well just say, “I have an unfounded emotional belief that there is no free will”. If you put it that way, I have no further objections.

Well if life isn’t freedom then its opposite must likely be freedom.

freedom ends when we run out of room.