No God, no Devil, only dancing and truth.

Thanks to my ingenuity, my soul is of no value (and indeed, would be a liability) to that which demands faith. Hence, it remains mine. Thus it is with all enlightened men who are released from Hell, lest they be defiled (excepting those who remain silent and inactive or flee to solitude).

Something like this: a distressing experience at the hands of something intelligent.

That which Paul called God.

The OP contains no ambiguity at all.

…Impious has defiled his soul just enough, so that no-one can lay claim to it - too bad for heaven, and too good for hell…

Shall I be your interpreter, Impious?

Nobody knows what the truth is… and very few can dance. :D/

Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Yes we do, we all ‘know’ that when we go outsided the sun won’t burn us like vampires or we’d be too scared to ever leave our houses, even though, its possible for all humans to walk outside and be burnt to death. Theres no reason to believe this will happen beecause it rests outside of probability so far. Hence we ‘know’ that sunlight doesn’t typical burn human skin to dust.

Because theres enough probability and evidence that despite that fact we can’t envoke certainty, we can for practical purposes.

Who said anything about me defiling my own soul? Quite the opposite.

I see! :-k

…an untainted soul? then it will have value for some-one else, to try and exploit it!

Not to that which demands faith.

Faith in yourself? or a governing force?

No, faith in itself, like that which Paul called God.

er, sure! :unamused: