No such thing as a fixed state

Observation through ourselves defines we are a fixed state cell, we live in a body, our body supports our life, yet we never conclude ourselves until we do.


We insist that we LIVE, we insist that we are fixed and we insist that we cannot be destroyed.

We see ourselves through the minds of others, new born who continue on our future, we think we are the new born and we perceive we are invincible and eternal.

We were always wrong.

We lived on an Earth without living and we perceived our immortality. We saw our immortality being removed and we feared death…yet we were always immortal and we only disappeared and moved our state into our higher body…how wrong we were to have thought that our removal meant our destruction. We destroyed our Earth.

We lived on an Earth living, without living. We denied our immortality and we wanted to prove to our living self that we were immortal…how wrong we were to have thought ourselves immortal, for the immortal being only exists in the light. We killed ourselves.

We lived on Earth living, without living, we forgot we killed ourselves. Why are we so sick, why are we no longer a man as man and a woman as a woman…what happened to us?

We live on Earth living in a state of illusion…who am I, where am I, what happened to my spirit, where is my love, where is my health, where is my self, why am I angry, why am I confused, why do I take drugs, why am I an alcoholic, why am I in mental anguish…oh I forgot, we killed ourselves.

There is a fixed state. It’s called matter and mass, an atom. A rock can float around in space for one trillion trillion years, and if no forces act upon it, then it will not change. So you’re completely wrong. Somethings are not in a state of change, and are absolutely permanent.

We are an ego and we are denial…we deny we are not eternal

We research through ego, we see the denial…we deny that we will not exist

We research through ego, we see the truth…we deny that we will not exist…we see the Christ …we were sacrificed…we see ourselves within ourselves…our higher beings denied they were not immortal, just as we…Adam and Eve. The truth within our cells carries the denial, human beings were created in the light and we wanted immortality of our selves…how egotistical we were to believe that we were the highest beings. Our Father, that’s right, we are not really him are we and we always forget his warning!!!

If an atom is a fixed state how then do you convert the atom? Who are you…denial?

Mass is a structure of atoms. You change the structure, and you change the thing. But you don’t change the nature of the atom. You only change the structure.

Atoms arranged in certain ways, patterns, create quality. Quality of mass determines its state, plasma, gas, liquid, solid.

So you’re wrong about everything.

MASS only exists as it does via its sound valued state causing plasma gas liquid solid

If MASS as the holy state is being lost (AS PER OXYGEN content) proven in ancient Ice as a higher MASS VALUE, then it is obvious everything is disappearing.

It is why human cells are disappearing as if they have never been created.

Creation was changed previously, already confirmed by archaeological evidence.

We’re not speaking the same language here.

Constant (as per astronomical observations) many Universes with the same planetary structures - situation…Scientist observes and thinks “oh there are other Universes just like Planet Earth”.

Scientist breaks the bonds of natural creation to use as a fuel for their own greedy purpose.

Natural creation = its own sound cell

Universe = same sound cell as the constant fixed stated itself causing the bonds to hold only because of its replication in the Universal union.

Universe = destroys a constant = a planetary fixed state is destroyed (same as Earth) = sends off its meteors/comets

Earth = held bond, that starts to get attacked by itself from out of the union…earth attacks herself

Universe = attacking constant self destructive union activated…planets from galaxy to galaxy begin to attack each other until no Earth exists at all.

Earth not really a fixed state constant…only held together because of the bonds/strings.

Scientist presumes everything is a fixed state coming into its creation, constant demonstrates everything already created and being destroyed.

Consciousness reveals its observations REPLICATORS destroy planet Earth’s life.

Philosophers knew the meteor attack was evidence…stopped all Science to save the Life of Planet Earth