i been wondering about the notion of Armageddon in a wider context, many of us have some notion of dramatic change and some that it would be sudden and with a specific result, namely that evil will be overcome. i cannot see any truth in a war between the goodies and baddies, as when we break it down we don’t ever get anyone who is 100% one or the other. in all cases environmental aspects are in play making it impossible to put all the blame on an individual even if evil.

what i want to present to you is the idea that in fact rather than everything building up to a climactic battle between good and evil, the opposite is actually what is occurring in the world!
what we actually see is an interchange in religious ideas and a general melting away of boundaries, people are finding similarities more than differences.

over time we have also seen a kind of powerplay where one religion or idea has superseded another in both the east and west. eventually though if current trends continue there will be no all powerful religions ~ if any at all, these will be replaced by sets of philosophical ideas and contrasts with which an individual may build their own interpretation of things.

so do you think an inverted Armageddon is occurring? [where armageddon is simply an expression of general trends].

will peace be found through 1) union or 2) conflict [the answer seams rather obvious to me] ~ by one religion winning through against and above all others. note that here ‘conflict’ doesn’t necessarily mean war and aggression. it may mean that a given set of truths can defeat all others that contradict them.

in all honesty, do you think your religion is that very religion which will eventually win!?

if so are you prepared to let go of this belief? are you even looking to do so, or are you just trying to find ways to supplement what you already believe in. i see many people who appear to ignore anything that goes against their beliefs and just carry on as they were, but why would anyone do that?

I agree were not headed toward armagedddon, or a battle of a force of good and evil.
and i believe we are headed toward the opposite of armageddon, and i believe there is a melting away of boundaries and a meshing of thoughts and ideas. i remember hearing somewhere that indians believed that the universe also had a cyclic existence, expanding and contracting over billions of years, and were in something like our 7th cycle of creation, then destruction. but once destruction happens to all life forms in universe,you compress back into the planck legnth sized nugget where all mater for our universe is until exploding outward again, but then again they also believed that god was a giant eagle, and it was eating peoples awareness, thats why we cultivate our awareness so we can fuel the eagle. I like that too! haha anyways i liked your angle on this. thanks for sharing.

Maybe the relationship of religion to ultimate reality is like that of philosophy to wisdom in Plato’s symposium. The religious practitioner, like the socratic philosopher, is a lover not a possessor of the beloved. The religionist gazes upon the beloved ultimate but does not possess it. Armegeddon symbolizes the crisis that marks the end of history. Like the ultimate itself, it is always coming but never arrives. At the same time, it is always immediately present in a fragmentary way in the recurring personal and historical crises that beset us.

thank you. the toltecs called it the nagual [nah whal] apparently, not sure if it was an eagle or vulture or something else. its an interesting idea, and they also believed in an ‘original self’, which i like a lot. add these two together and what does that make both us and the eagle! we are both the product of the same origin and end, awareness is consumed into one being.

indeed, throughout time there has been a struggle of ideas as if like forces vying to be dominant. i wonder if this goes beyond the grave where the completions appear to occur e.g. like christ was completed [as a power] hundreds of years after his death.

this perhaps applies to all ideas and movements/trends?!

wonderful clarification, and i’ve always enjoyed this idea, every since i began reading some of Carlos Castenedas works.

yes i liked Carlos Casteneda too, :slight_smile: it is fiction but i think he based at least some of it on real info.

the original self is quite general in many cultures. i think such things need redifining ~ anything added stripped away, until we have the naked truths.