Non-existing White Privilege In The United States.

Nothing says privilege like record number of suicides and destructive self inflictions causing death. … aged-white

Moreno wrote:
Yes, the workng class and even some of the falling middle class are the new niggers. In truth pretty much everyone is a nigger to the movers and shakers. The hopelessness of being a white nigger is different sociologically from being some minority nigger, since the treatment is not something built into the culture. Of course the working class has always been treated poorly in certain ways, but now they are being treated in ways their own parents in the working class were not. This can easily lead to self-blame, but also means that habitual in-culture cognitive tricks and support and then just plain old networks of support found often in the chronically poor are absent. So they are less prepared.

I don’t think that study supports the idea that whites are no longer priviledged in the US.

There are some situations where not being white is formally an advantage, but this is radically outweighed by all the situations where it is better to be white.

That is the impression that you are given by those who seem to do nothing but distort and lie - the media. But where is the trustworthy data?

You don’t know how I get my information or how skeptical I am about the media.

If you have to ask…