North Korea

North Korea is a dictatorship where the people are keep isolated from the world. The average citizen in North Korea has no idea what the world looks like. They are brain washed with propaganda from the time they are born. They have to watch propaganda movies about their leader and study about his great achievements.


Just how different do you think most people are in the West?

How many stop and question with a truly critical gaze the stuff that is shoved at them everyday?
I think the most insidious thing is that the media are continually setting the agenda - it is they that select what is and what is not newsworthy.
The biggest bit of flim-flam at the moment is “flocks of immigrants”, and "benefits cheats’, as if these people were the architects of economic doom.: whilst the the international system of capitalism and banking that is now plunging us into yet another crash goes unnoticed.

The only difference seems to be that the Western Media engineer consent without having to lie; whereas N K is just more blatant.

North Korea is a vassal state of China.

China has more influence in North Korea than the North Korean government does.

What’s interesting about North Korea is those nine North Korean submarines that have gone missing recently in the last couple of weeks…

On looking at the videos: 28 “surprising” facts. I have to say “so what” 28 times. None of the points are well made, nor is their significance discussed. The ding-bat in the vid seems to think the facts speak for themselves.
What was interesting is the “perception of corruption”. Well duh - it might well be perceived as corrupt what what does that actually mean? If people comply with the rules then ipso facto it is not corrupt. As no one seems to flout the hair style rules then people are not being corrupt. The rules might be shit, but where is the corruption as such?
What significance is the fact that 80% of people leaving NK are women? So what? Why is that a surprise, and how many are doing it? More that the number of South and Central Americans getting deported from the USA? or fewer? Again- so what?

The fact does remain, however, that North Voetnam is a gangster state, the source of most currency forgery and printing of faux money in the world, on top of that they plan to sell nukes. to the highest bidder in the not so far future. Their power mad
juvenile delinquent was brought up on fun stuff like American TV, video games, and has no depth whatever of what humanity or civilization is all about.
they mix the worst of the worst: total imaginary
scenarios of power, inflated paranoiacs about their role in world affairs, and a system of hereditary rule going back thousands of years. that someone as
as Kim Jung could grasp this,underlies his
successful murder of his own uncle. Almost an early medieval scenario could not have better described the scene. He is extremely dangerous, and they are keepinging him closely watched.

If you are so sympathetic to brutal dictators, then, you must live in a communist country yourself. Communist countries are supposedly about equality for all, but, just as in the West, they are corrupt and unjust in distributing wealth and power. The main difference being that communist countries punish people for not working and achieving, while capitalist countries reward people for working and achieving. Thus, communist systems in general, use punishment as an incentive, while capitalist systems use reward as an incentive. Communist systems need to lie about everything in order to survive. They need to hide the success of the West and keep their people working seven days a week so that they have no spare time to think or conspire against unjust treatment. The leaders hide their wealth from their citizens and pretend that they make sacrifices of living standard for the communist cause. They need to arrest any person (and their family) who doesn’t obey the system or appears to not conform to the system in any way. Thus, they have dozens of prison camps where people are kept and tortured for very small and mostly insignificant matters.

For example- Hair one centimetre too long - 10 years jail. Somebody wears a pair of blue jeans- 10 years jail. etc This is crazy!

I can get them to nuke China and Kim Johng Ugh if you want.