Not enough Women for Muslims in Heaven

72 virgins are hard to come by. Perhaps Islamics should start sarcraficing virgins to Alla in order to bring up the numbers in heaven.


The virgins arn’t “dead people”… they are a special serving class created for those who go to heaven… they only exist to serve those in heaven…

I don’t recall the exact number… but everyone in heaven gets a certain amount of these servants… but the normal number is far less than 72

So you are not really their boss, you are just coddled by these servants, groomed and fed by servants that answer to someone else, some other being…Why does that sound like a horror story in the making? come to think about it; Don’t angels sort of serve the same function? Man can be so wierd. :laughing:

well actually… everyone in heaven answers to god… including whomever it is being served… so it’s hardly “scary” :stuck_out_tongue:

but no angels are not meant to be servents of dead people in heaven… they serve god… and only god… the other one’s are handed to dead people who make the cut to heaven as “gifts”… you actually own them in every way… you’re supposed to have sex with them and stuff! They become your willing slaves! :astonished:

Well yea the ultimate boss is god, Thats a gimmee, its the why he wants you all fat and happy that gets a bit tricky and makes one wary. :laughing:

Angels serve only god by helping humans. Servants, angels, either way God has his little helpers helping humans. Why does the word Buffet enter my mind? :laughing: :laughing:

Are they slaves?

Yup… except willing slaves… they actually WANT to be slaves…

I don’t know what to call that… servants. slaves… worshippers of your own? I dunno…

Call it the product of (corporeal) male fantasy.

I dunno man, there are alot of children that die before their sexual lives even begin. Just look at Cot death, and thats just one example.

Im not sure if this is a little to sick to be funny, mabey not.

Or mabey its just not funny

They serve both men and woman. In the Koran they are not specifically described. I geet the impression that they are androgynus, (all things to all people)

(Yes woman do go to heaven or hell in Islam).

Islamic heaven, to my mind is Really boring. But then again, Christian heaven is not described at all, so those who wrote the Bible kept their options open. All we know about is a lot of singing… :smiley:


As long as there are topless waitresses to serve me beer in skimpy outfits, and tend to my every need, I will be happy in this imaginary place. I’m not really fussed if their not virgins. In fact I demand an experienced woman who knows how to keep a man happy. Now that would be HEAVEN. :smiley:

As long as it is wine women and song. :slight_smile: