Nothing More to Say

I have seen you
in the eyes of my child.
I have seen you
in the waves
and I have heard you in the wind.
I have gazed at your beauty
in the twilight of the evening,
and felt you in the solitude of the dawn.
You have touched me
with the words of a brother,
and moved me
with the touch of an angel.

I have lost myself to you,
I have lost my self
to you.
I have walked the path of man,
and I have flown the way of spirit.
I have climbed the tower,
and scaled the mountain,
and risen with your cross.
I have loved,
and I have mourned,
and I have wept with you
in sorrow and in joy.

I have written your words,
and created with your spirit.
I have been moved to go beyond
what I have known.
I have been moved to go beyond
what I can speak.
The metaphors dissatisfy.
The symbolisms fail.
The words, such that they are,
have all, I sense, been written.
Leaving me, just now,
with nothing more to say.


Say this is just another lovely poem and not a goodbye.





These words… I cannot even begin to express how they make me feel.


I felt that too…


Recently (maybe a couple of weeks ago) I was sad because I didn’t feel a brotherly connection with Rainey… but we were and always have been brothers.

Rainey, thanks for everything you give.
You have inspired me time and time again.