Nothing worse...

At some point in the very near future you will likely hear someone begin a sentence with the words:

“There’s nothing worse than…”

You may even catch yourself saying it! I know I have.

Fill in the blanks. They are always amusing in one way or another.

there is nothing worse then people making these kind of post. :slight_smile:


Ps, How is it going young man? Still well I hope.

There’s nothing worse than you and your loved ones being kidnapped, then your mother raped and murdered in front of everybody, then your sisters and daughters raped and tortured, some tortured to death in front of your family, and then you tortured to death knowing that the rapists will never be caught or prosecuted, and that your sisters and daughters will live a long, horrifying life suffering of the utmost and cruelest pain imaginable. There is no hope. You cannot even commit suicide because you are so incapacitated. And even when you do die, you are brought back to life and healed a little bit by your torturers, only to be murdered again and again.

Then you are buried alive.

Okay, your turn, “nothing worse than”.

There is nothing worse than party poopers

PK, rununder, that’s the spirit. However, it would be preferable if you could let us know where you were when you (over) heard the statement.

PK, I assume you were in a mail-room, or perhaps erecting a fence.

Rununder, you could have been in any US police station - I’ll guess at somewhere in the deep south.

Kriswest, did hubby want to leave early?

This thread will run and run! :-"

There is nothing worse than a paper-cut on your eye-ball…

There is nothing, but nothing worse then to be excommunicated by the Catholic Church, after having gone through an exorcism, only to be told they are still in there…

Nah, Nothing’s worse than your heater deciding to break on the coldest night of the year and the repairman demands a week’s salary just to come out.aaaaand you have a little kid so you have no choice. F***er.