Novelties and noble expiriments.

Behold the noble expiriment driven by naive novelty where our institutions try to rehabilitate beasts that are men where our emotions of civility try to seperate the sinful from the pure.

And what is the sin? The sin is the embracement of the primitive ego which is predatory in natural selfishness uncomprimising without sacrifice.

Yet what is our nature? Our nature is one of predatory instinct.

So what then is the sin? Our sin is embracing our nature and evolution.

So then what does our institutions represent? The novel and noble expiriment within us commanded by a religious source of the otherwordly to change our nature until we are somthing that is no longer ourselves.

Behold our civil expiriments where what is natural and worldy in ourselves is forcibly transformed into the otherwordly marvels the priest!

Yet those who embrace ourselves know not to fear this novelty that cometh out of hell for within every design of man there lies its flaws inevitable destruction and decline.

Everywhere around us where there is peace and heaven promised to us all there always lies the opposite effect.

These same institutions preaching tall tales of peace contradict themselves in the act of war.

War and man’s predatory nature has survived the ages for thousands of years. Rejoice!

A think it is more accurate to say in response to this question is that “our nature is one of social cohesion”.

A social cohesion guided by predatory motives nonetheless. :slight_smile:

I am not at all surprised that there is only one post in this thread.

When there is a greater desire for resources than there are resources themselves a predatory nature arises out of necessity.

I was having a conversation about how a few years ago I was driving this shitty car that I had which couldn’t have been worth more than about 3 grand.
I went on to say that in traffic I’d look at the other cars and get irritated because the social injustice, and the privelige of some others was so apparent.
Then I talked about how on top of all that, I went to this guy’s huge house in Miami, where he had a $15,000 barbeque grill, and how that made me think even deeper about the degree to which this predatory nature manifests and the different ways that it can.

Is it predatory of that person to have a $15,000 grill when I drive a cheap car to get back and fourth to work and school?
Or is the system itself predatory.
There is no need for a $15000 grill. Everyone in America needs relaiable transportation,(especially working students), RIGHT?