Now The Pope has died what does he know?

Interesting. The Pope presumably believed in God, and that he would enter upon eternal life. Now he has died. If he was right in his belief, then he knows he was right. But if he was wrong in his belief, he does not know he was wrong. So, The Pope could not know he was wrong if he was. He could know only that he was right if he was right. A kind of no lose situation.

Pascal’s Wager.

He lived his life bounded by religion, like walls closed in on him and even his mind. I wouldn’t do it.

I don’t know if I am the only one but I’m really sick of hearing about the pope… I know this will just bump the thread up… but I just had to voice my discontent. I haven’t gone an hour today without hearing news of the pope.


I think it was Aquinas who said that the old woman who knows her creed knows more about the structure of the world than the greatest philosophers and scientists do.

As a teacher explicated, she knows God created the world, and philosophers cannot even agree on that! :smiley:


He knows God (or so we hope) – that’s what he knows.

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Yeah try to stay on topic. How dare you bring god into a discussion about the pope :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, first thing that comes to mind about Ken’s post is Popper’s “falsifiable” theory.

At this very moment you can save yourself agrivation: the final four in on – Michigan State vs.North Carolina, i think. Are you a fan?

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Sorry, just noticed you’re Canadian…Do you see American TV there?

Come on Rounder, I wouldn’t miss this for the world (this one, or the next)

This is a vital part of the (soap) story – high drama, excruciating suspense…… glimpses of hope…… then finally, the death of one of the lead characters.
The next few days will be an opportunity to squeeze every…. little… tiny… bit of emotion from the fans with nostalgic flashbacks and behind the scenes commentary…
Then, after a quick update with the story so far…. a new character!!! Can’t wait.

PS On a serious note: I do respect anyone with the guts to apologise (PJP did to the jews and muslims for past catholic evils). And he did appose the Iraq war while his anti-christ counterparts were drooling at the prospects of another “crusade” (Bush’s term). For that alone, RIP.

LMAO @ wondering if we get american tv :laughing: No, but if I sit my little brother Timmy in the middle of the igloo, stick a pair of rabbit ears on his head, I can tune in some of your radio stations :stuck_out_tongue: yeah we do get american tv lol, I got satellite, and plus I have a cheat card so I get all the channels free :evilfun: As for basketball, no I’m not a big fan, personally I’m waiting for football season to start again.

Lol yeah although I do think this storyline is a little played out. I can’t believe it still has soo many fans :unamused: Personally I’d rather watch a teen sex comedy where at least I might catch a glimpse of a nice rack :smiley: As for opposing the Iraq war, I’ll give him propz for that!!

he took what he knew and what he lived with him…

forever sleep, the little nips of death we taste every night. i think he will rest well, he was a good man.

You’re more right than you know. Pope John Paul II never did have any real freedom as he always had religious junkies crowd him 90% of his time as the “pontiff” (proffit).

Well, he can’t know he is wrong, for a dead heap of cells can’t sense anything.

If it was true as the Christians believe that, there is one life on earth and then eternal glory or damnation, that damnation would be life on earth again. I believe that because it is not possible that we have only one life on earth, otherwise, we would all be the same, go through the same circumstances, have the same experiences, etc., but we don’t, so we already had a life before which is why we are different. Solomon said, ‘We have all sinned.’ It’s true. So, either there is re-birth on earth, or, life on earth is the eternal damnation, or there is another possibility that we don’t understand. To get back our eternal glory we’d have to go through a lot I’d say. I don’t know though. I’d say one who leaves a legacy behind in terms of the world benefitting from it, he’d stand to become eternal. Guys, that’s probably why everyone strives for name and fame, perhaps it’s built in our genes to do that. Holy! That must be true, it’s so believable. I don’t believe I wrote that.