NSA spying on European politicians and officials

Apparently the United States NSA was caught spying on a whole bunch of German and French politicians or officials. It’s a big international scandal.

There was even spying on Angela Merkel. Apparently Merkel doesn’t want the NSA to know her private conversations or who is putting their weinerschnitzel in her late at night.

Jesus Christ, can this administration be good at one thing?



Austrian and German, same damn thing.

Fucking up the economy even more, droning middle easterners, bailing out banks, invading nations, taking corporate bribes, and creating international scandals.

Hey, you asked.

I would honestly like to see the schnitzel go in.

Sorry Smears, I’m not into that mature porn shit. Ewww…

You know, when I was a kid…it was like common knowledge among children that the CIA or the govt or whoever was out there spying on the world and making sure we always had the upper hand.

Now 30 years later, suddenly, everyone acts all surprised because someone said it out loud and gave some specifics.

You do realize that not a single bit of this is anything new in the world of politics and international relations…right?

Smears - thats from back in the day when citizens plucked the fruits of that upper hand rather than pay the price for it. Its simple human logic man, should be right up your alley. Anyway im all for an American upper hand, since theres going to be someones hand on top and I dont see any other viable candidates.

I know it’s nothing new under the sun. I just find the current scandals of international spying funny and a sign of the times we live in.

It’s like getting your hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar.

I thought you liked Vladimir.

See what happened fixed, is that used to, any prick was allowed to stick his hand out in America and get something. You can still get anything you want. You just can’t be any old prick though. All that’s really happened in my generation is that they gave us all the option of failing at life if we didn’t wanna succeed, and as you can see, a great number of people just opted to be failures. There’s a million dollar house selling right this second someplace. The economy doesn’t really suck, it just sucks for the people who choose to be losers.

Gross over simplification of things and nonsensical.

Nope. That’s exactly how it is. I know because I was born into poverty, and now I have more than most everyone I know, and I never inherited shit and my parents didn’t even give me lunch money when I went to school. Explain that one buddy.

Tyr - only as a security that the States or the lot that’s running their foreign politics now isn’t actually attaining unilateral global domination. I don’t want Russia to rule the world singlehandedly either, I like that we still have a division of power and I like that Putin guarantees that it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Smears - I hope you’re right, as I still plan to come to the US and do what you can’t do in Europe.

I thought FC’s post was both apt and hilarious, but since you could come up with no better response than to repeat your mistake I feel obliged to correct you. Austrians are like Germans, but even more so. They are like full fat Germans, rather than semi-skimmed. The Germans were somewhat neutered after WW2 and, like Japan and now China, turned into a regional industrial powerhouse so they could direct their nationalism into something useful for the globalists.

As to NSA spying - if anyone didn’t realise this was going on then they were being naive, but I do believe that there is still privacy (and the freedom afforded by privacy) inside ones own head and that’s the only true privacy there has ever been. What dismays me about the ‘revelations’ in the mainstream media this year, aside from the obviously untrustworthy nature of Edward Snowden, is that there’s been no constructive dialogue about what we really value, whether it even matters that the NSA reads our emails, why privacy matters to us. It’s all just been the spectacle of the surveillance state.

To my mind, this is the flipside of realising, for example, that 99% of what’s on TV is either government or corporate propaganda. The answer to that is to not watch TV, or at least be very selective about how much time one spends watching TV. We can create our own entertainment, individually or on a larger scale as we want, and we can also create our own privacy. A certain amount of apathy towards what they are doing is necessary.

What used to be but now declared illegal in the US is “private communication” (the other private related things, such as property, have merely been usurped with out admitting it).

Tyrannus instantly loses his sense of humor when he feels he may have been wrong. He gets defensive very quickly, which ruins many initiatives that he takes.
I hope he’ll grow some confidence.

This is true. They’re in general undiluted, autonomous, entirely unshakable central Europeans, who have no idea why they could possibly want to have anything to do with the United States other than taking their money.

America has very little leverage with Austria, and this bothers them.

Austria produces several symbolic elements of American power and prestige - to name three, the standard police weapon, the cool shiny Firetrucks, and the money printing press.

Austria was also the first country to ban Monsanto, in fact never allowed GMO foods to be produced on their soil.
It’s a bit spooky to go skiing there though - at the end of a tournament, they’ll gather with the children in the cantina over schnapps and chant “Schi Heil!”. That struck me as a bit too German in this day and age, but I went back to my Schnitzl and smiled.

Yes. That’s been my reaction every time some latest “OMG guess what the NSA did” scandal has come out in the past few years. I have no idea why or how ‘spies spying on people’ became scandalous. This country is a bunch of pussies now.

Still, they shouldn’t have gotten caught. The outrage should be “stop getting caught, Goddamnit” not “I can’t believe you’re spying on Germany.”

Something you would NEVER catch the Germans being.