I recenlty read an artical in New Scientist Magazine,
About the Discovery of these particals,
Can anyone clear up in practical terms what Thier connection is, with what the magazine is calling, “New Dimensions?”
New dimensions in what way?

I don’t know for certain what the article meant by new dimensions, but I will take a shot at it. First off, nutrinos were not JUST discovered. They were discovered a long time ago. As far as I know, astro-physicists are trying to make the claim that nutrinos are part of the answer to the big-bang theory and the amount of matter theorized to be needed if the big bang theory is true. But all the dark matter we have found, all the space debri, and all the planets and stars together with nutrinos still leaves a huge gap in the theory. Most astro-physicists are claiming that we lack the technology to detect most nutrinoes, it appears that either the theory is wrong - for it postulates a certain number of nutrinos to be flying through space every second or so, but the technology we are using is detecting something like one nutrino a day, which isn’t even 1% of what the theory is proposing. So either the theory is wrong, which I haven’t heard to many arguments for, or our technology isn’t sophisticated enough to detect the nutrinos, which is most of the arguments I have come by are claiming.

Hope that helped…

Magius is right, but he forgot a small detail about the neutrinoes.

Synthesist. The magazine ment to say that neutrinos probably exist in more then just the 3 spacial and 4th temporal dimensions that we are used to see many other particles interact!

Like Magius said. The scientists know about neutrinos at some time from now, but they only knew about them because they know that these particles sometimes interact with our atmosphere.
This is the only real proof they have for them!

Also, these neutrinos come mostly from the sun and, presumely, they are many per second that arrive to our atmosphere, but only some of them really have an interaction on the other particles of the atmosphere! It´s a small percentage of the total neutrino erradiation from the sun.

This is where the scientists presume that neutrinos exist in more then just the normal dimension we are used to! Some neutrinos interact with other particles, but other ones simply pass through other particles and do nothing or “feel” nothing!

Please remember that this is all in theory, yet!!!

Weren’t they just theoretical until a guy filled these glass tubes with water and placed them in some deep cave that was supposed to be shielded from radiation. Anyway, disturbance in the water was attributed to these particles. I think!

I hear that they are also good with milk.

Neutrinos are way cool. 500 trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second. ( )

For those of you that think this is impossible, you have to realize that a neutrino is so small, that a neutrino hitting an atom of the human body (and cause damage) is similar to a baseball being thrown into space and hitting a planet. The odds are small.
Neutrinos were proven to exist by the reaction of a water molecule being hit by a neutrino. The scientists never saw the neutrino, but by measuring the explosive reaction of a proton within an atom of a water molecule when hit by “something”, they could determine a neutrino’s weight (almost none) and speed (almost the speed of light). Here’s a picture of the device required to test for a neutrino: . They knew neutrinos existed, but they never saw one. To my knowledge, we have never directly seen a neutrino.

Anyway, Synthesist, about your question: “New Dimensions” probably reflects an advancement of the understanding of the “three dimensions”. My guess is that dimensions are infinite and we are currently just aware of three-plus-X (“X” being the “new” stuff).