null is not nothing

Isn’t null (No value) really something? No value is something. No value is not Nothing.

  1. Null is something (No value)
  2. Something(s) (or No value) cannot be in nothing
  3. Therefore, null is not nothing
  4. Null is something.

trying to find loopholes out of true nothing, and the void that really isn’t here.

Null means ‘nothing’ to me.

lit, this might make more sense:

There is no such thing as nonexistence. There is such a thing as null. Null is existence. Null (or No value) is something. Null (No value) is not nothing.

yes, it is nothing. But, my definnition of null, and another sources definition of null is ‘No value’…

To me ‘null’ means occupying No value. It still exists. its just occupies No value.