Numbers and Consciousness

August 17, 2006

It’s 3 AM and I had to get up and make a start on what seems like a massive undertaking for the sake of love for God, which is you, me, us. I really don’t have a clue how to start so I will just ramble on until I get a hold of something. This effort is dedicated to Nick, who I love very much, and who asked me to write something. How are you, Nick? Now that I’ve got all the “mushy stuff” out of the way – I’ll just have to “start” on the topic of numbers and consciousness in my own way. All I’m fairly sure of is that it is likely that no one in the world so far has tried to do something online with this subject. I just looked up the meaning of “prevaricate”: ‘to speak falsely or misleadingly with deliberate intent’. I do tend to “beat around the bush”, and some tell me to get to the point. But I’m fairly sure the best thing is to ramble on and put so many people off that they won’t read any further because they can’t handle what seems a pretense of my love for them or a sanctimonious display typified by the movie priest saying “God loves you, my child”. Let’s say the subject is so heavy with considered Truth that very few would likely attempt to even talk about it online. I feel like a speaker in a huge hall right now with thousands of people. I know it’s possible that not one of you thousands will appreciate the considered Truth I will eventually begin to discuss, but no matter. If only one of you sees anything of value in it, I’ll count that as a miracle, and I may never know about that possible miracle. Even when I do settle down to discuss the subject like people who presume to be teachers do in their often rather serious, sometimes condescending way, my presentation is not going to be like anyone else’s. Not only has the subject likely not been “seriously” presented online, but I am going to present it in my own way. And I’m wacky; I want to have fun; I just want to be a kid; just want to “flirt” with you and tell you I love you; sing songs; tell you how if I wasn’t nuts, I’d be crazy. I’m not a serious teacher, I’m a stand-up comedian at heart. I’m not ready to be a teacher; perhaps I’m just “playing teacher” like kids “play doctor” to get ready for the really unreal “real world”. I don’t promise anything. Near the bottom of my poster for my upcoming talk in September, “We Are God”, I wrote: “Luxin will just be himself, which may include playing blues guitar, discussing Life, and a life analysis of someone present. He promises nothing.”

Are most of you getting tired of this? Good. That’s the way it should be. Anyone is free to leave. Enjoy life. What a nut I am, eh? Or perhaps you want to just get to the bottom line? Where I reveal some of the considered essential Truths of life? OK, page down, but you might be wasting your time if you are one of my legion of critics, who dismiss people who presume to represent Truth as lunatics. OK, take a look and maybe see that what I say is rubbish; but there are plenty of threads written by more sensible people, or people who can prove they love you. But as Rosanna Rosannadanna said, “Never mind” (me). I could be an illusion.

Having said that, I honestly don’t know if I’ll even be able to say anything seemingly significant on the topic of numbers and consciousness. This is exciting. The tension of not even knowing what’s going to be related in the next paragraph…

Before I start, I’ll share the wonderful inspiration of Thomas Merton with you. I’ve been reading “Hermits” by Peter France. Oh before that, just thought you should know: I don’t read many books at all, and I barely graduated high school with the mercy of my teachers, who knew I was just bored to death. I just wanted to discuss philosophy and play my guitar and live life, things you couldn’t do in class. I’m basically uneducated, but I do have a Clerk-Typist certificate from a business college. And I know the ancient Chinese art of Tai-Ping. I did Tai-Ping for a living for 30 years as a clerk and secretary.

Are you still with me? It’s a miracle! OK, I promise to settle down and behave myself, I think.

“(Socrates) could stand absorbed in his own thoughts from one dawn to the next if a thought struck him and he felt the need to unravel its potentialities. Dinner might cool and friends be kept waiting while Socrates pondered alone … he argued for replacing the approval of society as the spur to human activity by the individual conscience. The aim of the wise man was no longer the plaudits of the masses but autarkeia, or self-sufficiency”. (Peter France, Hermits, p5).

“Christ … was known as a man who openly ate with publicans and sinners. He contrasted his own way of life with the asceticism of John the Baptist, recognizing that by doing so he had acquired a reputation as a glutton and wine-bibber … Christ could not be held up by the ascetics as an example of unremitting self-denial.” (Peter France, Hermits, p21).

“A brother came to Abbas Macarius one day and asked how he could be saved and the Abbas told him to go to the burial ground and insult the dead. So he did so, hurling insults and stones at the graves. When he got back, Macarius asked him if they had responded and the brother said they had said nothing so Macarius told him to go and praise the dead. He went to the burial ground and sang the praises of the men buried there. When he reported back, Macarius asked how the dead had taken his congratulations and the brother replied that they had said nothing. So the Abbas said: 'You know all those insults you hurled at them and they said nothing and all the praises you heaped on them and they said nothing; you also, if you want to be saved – be a dead man, taking no notice either of the injustice of men or of their praises. Behave like the dead and you will be saved.” (Peter France, Hermits, The Desert Fathers, p21).

"An abbot, head of two hundred monks, had a great reputation in the world and Christ decided to visit him. He approached the porter in the guise of an old and poor man and asked for an audience. The abbot was in conversation when the porter approached him and said he was too busy to see the old man. So Christ waited patiently at the door. At about five o’clock in the afternoon, a rich man arrived and the porter hastened to announce him. The abbot came to the door to greet him and Christ humbly approached saying: “I wish to speak with you, Father Abbot”. But the abbot did not even reply, but pushed the old man aside and ushered in the rich man to a welcoming feast.

After the meal, the abbot escorted his visitor to the gate and said his farewell then turned and went back inside, forgetting the patient old man who stood there waiting to speak with him.

As night fell, Christ showed himself to the porter and said: “Say to the abbot: If you want worldly glory, then because of your past good deeds and the way you have lived I will send to you visitors from the four corners of the earth to flatter and be flattered by you. But as for the riches of my kingdom, you shall not taste them”." (Peter France, Hermits, The Desert Fathers, p38).

We do not return to God, but we may discover that at every moment we are essentially God, and with the reassuringly humbling balance of knowing we are basically fools, we may humbly creep toward wisdom, happiness and eternal life.

“The great joy of the solitary life is not found simply in quiet in the beauty and peace of nature or in the song of birds or even in the peace of one’s own heart. It resides in the awakening and the attuning of the inmost heart to the voice of God – to the inexplicable, quiet, definite inner certitude of one’s call to obey Him, to hear Him, to worship Him here, now, today, in silence and alone. It is the realization that this is the whole reason for one’s existence”. (Thomas Merton, q Peter France, Hermits, p182).

Of course, God is the collective spirit essence of all of us. So worship of “Him” is worship of capital-S Self as contrasted with small-s self, which includes our human mind and ego.

Excuse me, I did think of a way to start discussing numbers and consciousness, but it slipped my mind. Sigh. Phew. Deep breath. Hmmmm. Hehehehehehehe. Scratch head. Sigh. Ah yes, this occurred to me yesterday…

There must have been some very insightful people amongst the allegedly either Arabic or Indian mathematicians who devised and promoted the commonly used nine single-digit integers’ system. Although zero is considered an integer, for the purposes of this discussion it can be disregarded; zero does not represent any quantity in quantitative mathematics, nor does it represent any quality in qualitative mathematics, which pertains to the mathematics of both human and Divine consciousness (human mind and Spiritual Consciousness respectively).

The principle of nine numbers or qualities – not seven, or ten, or any other number – applies to consciousness. The 9 qualities of conscious intelligence or mind can only be measured by mind or human observation itself. A few of the ancients in all the great cultures observed the nine qualities manifesting in the personalities or behaviour of people. So they decided that the quantitative number system used for counting physical objects – where there are only nine digits resulting from reducing any multi-digit integer by adding its digits – should also reflect the deeper, mostly hidden truth that it also applied to mind. The considered sacred principle of ten taught by the Pythagoreans and Kabbalists, given further credence by our ten hand digits – may just be a convenient way to mask the true principle of nine.

There are also the principles of one, two, three etc. The principle of two, or duality, is fascinating. My considered proven thesis is that all the basic vibrational manifestations of the universe are derived from the principle of two – multiples or powers of 2 – with musical octaves and the law of harmonics in crystals, silica computer chips (binary system), etc. all having their speeds of vibration on a “vibrational matrix of powers of 2”. And that consciousness itself is also found on this matrix. I’d like to discuss it later.

How can I prove these things? you may ask. I have proven much to myself. Only you can prove them to yourself, if your nature allows you to. I’m not here to prove anything to anybody, or argue any points. I didn’t think I’d even get this far in this first post. That’s all for now. I’ll continue later. I recall a wonderful lady stand-up comedian here in Vancouver who was satirizing the person who needs to justify and explain everything they do. She said “Would you go to a doctor who told you how he needs a cup of coffee before he operates so his nerves are steady when he pokes your brain?” “Or how confusing the new procedures for removing appendixes are now, because appendixes are mysteriously expanding and now look like pancreases?” “No! You want to go to someone who tells you your brain is coming out for a quick tune-up and that’s it! No es una problema, senora!”. Sure, I like to have fun. But when I operate, I’m all business.

But I do love to justify myself, so here goes:

Although I believe the topic of numbers and consciousness is a natural science, probably 99.999999999% of humanity would disagree, so I am not bold enough to include this post in Natural Sciences.

ESSAY 1) a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject, usually in prose and generally analytic, speculative or interpretive 2) an effort to perform or accomplish something; attempt 5) transitive verb: to try, attempt

No. 2) attempt could describe this. If it is a No. 1) essay, does it have to be serious? If so, someone should admonish me I think. Perhaps this essay/attempt can grow into a thoughtful dialogue? I believe in miracles.

In the meantime, enjoy life. Kiss your wives and girlfriends. Preferably more than that. I can’t recommend much else. Be nice to yourself at least if there’s no lady in your life. God is in you – you are a potential god, and what is in you deserves the best. OK, enough already. Talk to you later.

“Insist on yourself. Never imitate”. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Why don’t you like zero?

For there to be something, there should also be nothing. You need that comparison.

As this applies to conciousness it becomes particularly important. Or would you argue for the conciousness of rocks?

August 17, 2006

Hello All,

If you’re looking for sensibleness you might want to look elsewhere. What is sensible to many is frequently absurd to me. Thoreau captured this thought when he said:

“The greater part of what my neighbors call good I believe in my soul to be bad, and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behaviour”. (Henry David Thoreau)

and said, on the topic of illusive goodness:

“If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life”. (Henry David Thoreau)

Xunzian, stimulating thoughts, thank you. I offer this wonderful confirmation of the oneness of all things:

“The Sufi doctrine of a continuum of refinement of matter will here be seen to be quite different from that of other systems. The other two schools hold that materiality must either be shunned altogether, or that it must be made use of. In actual fact, every degree of materiality has its own function; and materiality extends in successive refinement until it becomes what has been generally considered to be separate – spirit”. (Idries Shah, Chap: El-Ghazali of Persia, p181, The Sufis)

Rocks and consciousness are at “opposite ends” of this unified vibrational continuum. One might say that consciousness is “refined rocks” or rocks are “devolved consciousness”; the difference between matter and spirit or consciousness is just their speed of vibration. Rocks can’t think because they don’t speak, write and use language. Minerals and consciousness have some harmonically relative vibrational speeds, so minerals can theoretically vibrate in response to the vibrations of human or Divine mind. Matter with mineral elements, in the form of the human body, is chosen by Nature (aka God, the essence of all of us) as a very responsive vehicle of consciousness or what we perceive as abstract intelligence. The vibrational speed of a form gives what we perceive to be that form’s quality or particular “God essence”. Blah blah blah. Scholarly talk or presumption is a trap for the unwary. But if I know what I know, I won’t be trapped. Your essential or potential wisdom will tell you if I am lying.

Zero represents nothingness, the theoretical state where there is no thing with a speed of vibration, and the topic involves some actual things on the noted vibrational continuum: primarily consciousness; but digressing into lower, unconscious vibrations is fine. I might even get stupid; in fact, it’s inevitable.

Later I’d like to discuss the theoretically perfect harmony between man and woman, loosely symbolized by the masculine ‘one’ and the feminine ‘two’ respectively, qualities of consciousness that have a pleasingly harmonic relationship analogous to that of musical octaves. The intent of this post is to present the knowledge of all 9 qualities of consciousness – the basics of the mathematical key to life – the writer hopefully always keeping in mind that without love (the highest respect) all knowledge, in fact all of existence, is useless.

In the meantime, All, enjoy life. Kiss your loved ones; if they are romantic ones, preferably more than that. Be nice to your Self at least if there’s no romance in your life. God is in you – you are a god, and you deserve the best. Even if you don’t believe you’re a god you deserve the best. I don’t want anyone to feel left out. I may “perform more death-defying stunts” later in this post; you may also try some. Let’s not promise each other anything, though.

Read my posted essay, Heterology and Its Impact. Nothingness is a silly, self-contradictory term.