Nursery Rhymes

There must be much philosophy hidden in nursery rhymes. Here is a nursery rhymes about a philosopher to start with. What does it mean?

Know any philosophical nursery rhymes?

It is possible this is implying the saying, the more you know the less you think you know. This is my dissection of the nursery rhyme.

The man jumps into a bramble bush, which is the part of the true world which exist independently from perception, In his curiosity to understand, his original perception of things ends up (his eyes) destroyed. He then jumps in eagerly into another bramble bush, and his perceptions of things changes or evolve into a more understanding state.

guys… why do we analyze everything? :slight_smile:

I dont think nursery rhymes are meant to be philosophical. They are meant to teach. They are guides for the young to learn of the world they will one day become adults of.