OBAMA is Stupid.


He is insisting that the rest of the world, in particular China and Germany “start consuming” like America. But what he doesn’t realize is that the level and style of consumption present in America, is uniquely american, cannot be imposed or exported in any way to other countries.

  1. The USA has mostly wood homes, easily manipulable, hence much consumption and activity is done on “home improvements”: there is no “Home Depot” or similar in Germany or other countries, their homes are concrete, much smaller, harder to modify and manipulate, much higher costs, much lower consumption in general. Fewer stores, fewer malls, etc.

  2. The homes in the USA are large, suburb homes with an attic, 2 car garage, with a basement, plenty of room to store all the China made crap people buy at WalMart. No place in the world has anything even remotely similar.

  3. The cost of gasoline in Europe and JAPAN is 10 dollars a gallon, often even more.

  4. The salaries in EU and JAPAN are between 600 dollars a month to at most 3,000 dollars a month, often not many make much more than that. The average about 1,200 to 1,700 dollars a month, if even. There is not much “consumption” that can be done with that. The USA salaries go from 800 dollars a month to 20,000 dollars a month, many making over 5,000 dollars a month (all the health care and defense creeps).

  5. China isn’t even in the equation on this, since they are from 100 to 500 dollars a month, and then since JAPAN and Germany, the two closest countries to the USA standard of living haven’t been able to even compare to the USA after 50 years of “growth”, how on earth will China even start ?

So OBAMA and his consultants are stupid, do not understand the world. The USA must continue to buy as much crap as possible from the world, they must fill their homes to the brim with items, buy, baby buy, forever, there is no other solution, or else the worldwide economy cannot “grow”.

After some 2000 posts, I got banned for life from a large Catholic site for making one comment similar to your title in answer to a question. :unamused:

Presidents for the past 50 years, and most before, are no more than salesmen. So when it comes to what they are asking people to do, it only reflects what scheme is going on behind the scenes; “what are they selling?

I don’t want to get into what Obama is selling and why right now, but the economic concern that you are addressing is in reference to a scheme of causing economy and power through consumption. You are correct that other nations cannot merely have their people go buy things so as to cause consumption. But what you apparently do not realize (as most do not), is that a consumption economy is not started by the choice of people, but by causing them to have no choice.

A government starts a consumption economy by slyly, secretively destroying things that must be replaced in order for the people to live. Consumerism is “putting the people’s feet to the fire” so as to warm the feet of an aristocracy. Which aristocracy it will serve is the only real issue stopping any nation from doing it.

Consumerism is the burning part of the “burning bush” and a form of usury and Satanism (using the weaknesses of others to create power).

But if other nations wanted to get into that game, they merely need to authorize (“invite the vampire into the home”) a group of mildly trained people to go out and cause minor destruction via acids, insecticides, mild poisons, sand and water in the wrong places, misinformation, corrupted medicines, infected foods, and so on. The end result is the creation of currency and power in the hands of specific political activists - the new aristocracy for that country. Each country then “serves a greater master” that in effect, does the same thing to the entire world so as to maintain power over all of Man. It is an ancient formula.

Consumerism is CAUSED at the expense of the people’s struggle and suffering, not requested. :evilfun:

Consumerism is the symptom, not the disease. The disease is rising expectations, the desire for more than need. Few cultures promote the concept of stopping when need is satiated. Why? Because need is ignored in favor of want, and there is no end to want.

Just what the world needs, a billion more mass consumers.

Have you guys seen how cool iPhones are? I’m kind of serious. Consumerism certainly has it’s faults, but I’m convinced that the growth imperative of capitalist economies leads us to advance ourselves to pretty nifty ways of living. We, like any other species, aren’t static with definable wants and needs and boundaries of growth. So just because there are unsavory symptoms of consumerism doesn’t make it bad from the start.

To backpedal, I don’t think consumerism can “save” developing countries. I think the worst thing we could’ve done was teach developing countries “market discipline.” The World Bank is just a sham. People still starve and yet we have enough food feed the whole world thrice over. We really need to let some of these countries organize themselves and their resources how they see fit, and quit exploiting them. To enjoy the benefits of consumerism and purchasing power, some basic needs must be met first. It might be hard to determine what the good life is for us developed nations, but it’s pretty easy to see that food, clean water, clothing, shelter, education, political freedom, and dignity are what lead to the good life in Somalia.

It goes like this: We let the third world create their communist states, dictatorships, or socialist democracies on the condition that the new leveraging power over exports pulls the majority out of poverty. Then when they start threatening our economies and national security, we topple their government, effectively ruin their economy, and let them pick up the pieces. At this point they should be able to recover rapidly and enjoy new standards of living alongside political freedom.

Since the masses are, of any group, the stupidest, I wonder if the masses could truly differentiate a smart leader from a dumb one. That is, if a truly smart leader is someone who pretends to be dumb.

IMHO, best post here. Have you seen the movie “Idiocracy” ?

I have.

Apparently, no one else here has! ](*,)

IMHO, Obama is being castigated for believing in the Golden Rule by persons in the popular media who interpret caring as socialism or communism, by persons who advocate selfishness as defining capitalism, when it doesn’t have to be that way, by persons who listen to the loudest voices of fear and division and run like scared rabbits to the safe havens of egocentricity and narcisscism. I wonder why Obama has not already been assassinated, since the loudest voices are anything but compassionate.

Well - I’d be inclined to agree with you - if Obama wasn’t such an obvious demagogue… saying whatever was necessary to appease the masses to get his “laws” into power.

Case in point:

It’s this kind of deliberate obfuscation that defines his administration.

:laughing: He’s president of a superpower, he must have done something right.

“Dubya” was president of a superpower too… :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: Point taken. I bow.

Guys, come on.


My response is due to reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “A Man Without A Country”, probably his last published book (2005). Anybody read it?

Too many people are invested in Real Estate: they can’t let go, they cannot admit that their house is worth much less than what they dream. Too many people are still buying houses at prices that are not real. These prices must go down, way down, they must get in line with food stamp people and minimum wages. Most of all, it is time people stop dreaming about owning their home and accept renting: only rich and well off middle class used to buy homes, the rest rented and saved until they had enough to buy.

Switzerland is a much richer country than a lot of places in the USA and yet most people are not home owners there.

Jobs are much more important than real estate, the prices of homes at 200,000 dollars and the tax base can no longer be supported: this goes for JAPAN too, which after 20 years still can’t get those house prices down to where they belong, and a lot of cities in Western Europe, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid etc. where the prices are even more wacky than in the USA.

People, don’t buy houses, wait until the prices collapse, don’t buy house and don’t make banks and the richer rich by buying houses.


house prices and rent should and must go way down



Growth as has occurred in the last 50 years is over for the developed world, USA, EU and JAPAN (and some others, Australia, Canada, South Korea, etc.). This is very simple: when a country goes from being poor to middle class (even lower middle class), the economy constantly “grows” in the sense that more people have money, buy cars, furniture, TVs, some buy homes, etc. This process creates jobs, more jobs, more money, more growth etc. for decades. This happened very nicely and according to the textbook in Italy, JAPAN, South Korea, Germany, USA and some others from 1945 to about 2000. Actually for Italy and some other European nations and JAPAN this process of “the end of growth” occurred in the beginnings of the 1990s, aka the “lost decades of JAPAN”.

Now this happened also in an era of a given level of technology and technology applied to production and the economy: a given amount of automation, optimizations and computer applications, etc. And since these elements were still not as developed as today, there was still a lot of labor that was needed, factories weren’t so automated, bosses still needed secretaries (they didn’t have or use MS word, Access, etc.).

But now that growth is over in the “West” and technology is killing those few jobs that are still needed, there is no hope of going back to the good times. Growth in the developed world can only occur through services, that is by deliberately breaking things up and fixing them up in a futile cycle. Just look at Health Care, Lawyers, and Military adventures to get an idea.

On the other hand, countries like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, etc. are in the “growth phase”, where JAPAN was in the 1960s and 1970s for example. So this is where the markets are, and this is where western corporations are making huge profits by selling to high growth economies, economies that are going from being poor to being rich (this is why the stock markets go up anyways no matter how bad things are in Ohio). Of course technology applied to the economy just accelerates this as does the internet, outsourcing etc. so they may end up having an even smaller window of time of high growth economy.

What the west needs now is to start modifying the brains of people, start creating the Instant Singularity by putting chips and computers and changing the neural circuits of people so they go forward into a new era. We are at the threshold of the next technological revolution, the Instant Singularity:

check out:


And forget about all the population explosions and resource limitations: worldwide population may reach at most 10 billion which is nothing compared to the holding capacity of 100 trillion the world has, and all the energy science will harness through fusion, bacteria that creates oil, genetic engineering food and petroleum creation, trillions of skyscrapers, space travel, trillions of cadillacs, etc. Colonization of the galaxy through Technological Singularity computers, robots, etc. An infinite Resource Society.

“But now that growth is over in the “West” and technology is killing those few jobs that are still needed, there is no hope of going back to the good times. Growth in the developed world can only occur through services, that is by deliberately breaking things up and fixing them up in a futile cycle. Just look at Health Care, Lawyers, and Military adventures to get an idea”

I forgot to add that a very important “engine of growth” in the developed world is to HIKE UP THE VALUE OF REAL ESTATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, creating imaginary “growth” and “imaginary wealth”. We all know how that will end up…

It is akin to making believe your house or commercial building is now Instantly worth twice or three times as much, and you can ask rents three times higher. No wonder no one wants to open a business anymore with commercial real estate rents so stupidly high…