Obama on Mount rushmore.

An article on Yahoo talks about members of George Washington university,
a third to be exact, thinks that obama should be on Mt. Rushmore.
The sample size is very, very small, like 10 or 15 professors, who were asked
and a majority didn’t agree with this idea of Obama on Rushmore.
Now for the record, I don’t think obama should be on rushmore.
Now this bad idea leads me into thinking about Obama
place in history. Given he followed the single worst president in American
history, it shouldn’t be hard to rank higher then scrub jr. After some thought,
I would put Obama in the twenties as far as numbers go, so clearly not in the top twenty
presidents in American history. My feeling is his ranking will ride and fall on
the success or failure of Obamacare. His lack of leadership skills is what
will put him down in the rankings. He has failed to lead, pure and simple.
His so called scandals mean nothing because they are clearly nothing.
The IRS scandal is much ado about nothing because under bush jr. they
targeted liberal groups in a greater way then anything then the Obama administration did.
benghazi is even less of a scandal because during the bush years there were several attacks on
embassies killing over 50 people and the GOP said nothing, did nothing.
The worst scandal is the reporter one and that could
easily not have happened if the GOP had helped passed laws that
that the administration has been trying to pass for years.
so in the end, much ado about nothing.
so my take is Obama is mid pack, so far, say about 20 to twenty five in rank of


I’m glad the IRS went after the tea party. I mean, who the hell thinks they can have an entire platform of “fuck the irs”, and not get audited?

I mean a kid would have known better. It’s hilarious.

That being said, yes…Obama should be on Mt Rushmore. They should sand down the other faces and just put his face, by itself, huge, across the whole thing.

I agree, a black president is automatically the greatest president, and man, that has ever existed.

Because he washed away all my white guilt and sin. Thank you Christ. Now I can be free, and reborn.

No, Michelle should be there for being the most expensive and useless first lady ever. He might suck but, she is the worst yet.

How dare you insult our First Lady and Grand Empress!? She’s beautiful, gorgeous, and no woman can hold a candle to her!

You got the emperess part right. She certainly acts like one with our taxes. She aparantly vacations every month are required.

Kris, since you aren’t the First Lady’s social secretary, you obviously got your information from some “source”. You want to back your statement about her “vacations”? You haven’t been drinking the right wing koolaid have you? :open_mouth: I suspect that her purported vacations are simply discharging her responsibilities as First Lady.

Dats racis!

I’m going to report your white tea party racism to the NSA. Prepare for a drone strike!

OkTent, I stretched it a bit but,even you have to admit she seems to be flying around the world more than any other and just how many assistance and personal staff can one person need? You and I both know she has cost us more than any other which flagrantly goes against all the pap they fed the public in order to get elected.

Just don’t let Michelle have anything to do with it, she might cost us a million to redecorate the drone.

Really? I don’t have the info and I’m too damned lazy to look it up, but it’s been a long tradition that the First Lady (and her retinue) travels with her husband on any overseas trip. Usually, the protocol is for the “wives” to tour some hospital or other humanitarian event while their husbands hash politics. Jacqueline Kennedy was just as popular as her husband on all their overseas “vacations”. The same for most 20th century presidents before and since the Kennedys. I question whether Michelle Obama has cost more than any other First Lady. I’d bet that the Reagans cost more than anyone. All beside the point, which is that diplomatic protocols cost money. It’s interesting that the right lauds the First Lady - as long as she is white and republican. Racism is alive and well…

Bush jr. took more vacations time then even raygun, the most
in presidential history. bush took 1020 days of vacation or 32% of his
presidency was on vacation. even FDR who was presidents for 12 years took
less time then scrub at 958 days. from 2009 to 2011 Obama took 78 days of vacation.
raygun took about 350 days on vacation in 8 years.
pro rated out over 8 years obama will take roughly 175 or so days on vacation.


She’d get shit if she didn’t travel enough.

Oh hell no. Look I respect the duties of the first lady but, daaaamn. Ok I will try to find links. Valid ones. I just can’t recall when or where or what in detail. I do recall PBS making note of it at some point.

Anon, she get’s shit just for breathing. She’s a BLACK woman and the right will never forgive her for that. But you’re right. Palin would jump all over her for being a lazy good-for-nothing like her husband… Oh wait… #-o

You know damn well I couldn’t care less her color of skin. Its her attitude that chaps my hide.

What attitude? I haven’t read any attributable quotes from her that suggests anything but an intelligent whole person. Of course, there is plenty of right wing trash talk about her. Dunno. We may have to agree to disagree.

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … tions.html
If this is a legit source then I might be right on this one Tent. Someone who says they are on the poor’s side ought to be more conservative about what they spend. If she openly said fuck you poor you are paying my way, I would have some respect for the honesty.

That was garbage. “Top source” of the National Enquirer? Please…

Kris, the Daily Mail is the U.K. equivalent of all the American check out trash “newspapers” and magazines at the local supermarket. Read it again. Lots of accusations with anonymous “sources”. They did manage to cover their ass by referencing the fact that the Obama’s pay for some of their own expenses and then threw in as much hyperbole as possible on the cost of security operations required for the transportation and security required for ANY presidential family. In short, it’s the usual right wing garbage talk.

Just for perspective… The security costs for any presidential family member is staggering. It doesn’t require much memory to recall the Kennedy asassinations, the Reagan shooting… The President and his family are the targets of too many nut cases and the costs of protecting them is now a built-in part of government.

What would you like? Keep them in a closet wrapped in cotton balls? They can’t even go outside the white house grounds without heavy security. Your trip to quickie mart for a beer may cost a few dollars, but for ANY presidental family member it runs into the thousands.

It may be a sad state of affairs, but as long as we allow the nut cases to run around loose, it’s going to be expensive protecting anyone.