ObamaCare Fine

I haven’t paid the ObamaCare Tax ever. I’m told if I don’t pay it, there will be a massive tax penalty for the 2017 tax season.

What are my options in avoiding this unconstitutional tax? I don’t want to he paying out of my ass I’m 2018.

Put a Minefield sign on your front yard and stay inside at all times. IRS don’t have any balls, they’ll be afraid to enter. If that doesn’t work, you can try the Natural Man or Sovereign Citizen approach, stating you paid your dues in the military, are a member of the Universe, and don’t have to follow unreasonable laws.

I know a old neighbor who tried that, he paid me $40 bucks when I was 12ish to collect junk from every house in the neighborhood, we packed it all up on a U Haul at night, then dropped it off at the IRS station over in Steubenville, Ohio.

I even found a old wedding photo of him and his ex, and he let me prop it up as display. He wanted to strip naked and give them his clothes, but negotiated him down to wearing a plastic bag over his clothes as he stripped.

I think it was on the news, gotta go look for it. Hope a link exists, but internet wasn’t big yet.

You’re probably too poor to have to pay it. Don’t worry about it.