Ocampo Don Quixote illusion painting.

My first day at my new job was wonderful. My employer has fantastic taste in art. Her office has a large Kahlo on one wall, and the waiting room has a copy of this Ocampo painting on one of the walls. I thought it was an original, but turns out it’s a very good repro and I just found myself absorbed in looking at it and seeing so many illusions and faces opening up to my vision. It reminded me a bit of Dali’s Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire. I love this kind of stuff.

See more Ocampo here: moillusions.com/2009/03/anot … ixote.html

More spookiness. I was just looking at the second painting about an hour ago at neurophilosphy.

Great theme.

Well executed.

This is the stuff.